Roblox: How to download the game on Xbox One, PC and mobile phones

Roblox is a free adventure game in which players can create 3D worlds in the best Minecraft style. The multiplayer is available for PC, Xbox One and Android phones and iOS (iPhone and iPad) and has an online universe full of varied scenarios and themes. See how to download and install the game on all platforms.

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Download on PC

Step 1. Go to the Roblox website (// and create an account. Fill in your details and tap "Sign up" to continue;

Make an account on the Roblox website to start playing

Step 2. Choose and click on one of the games in the list;

Click on one of the games on the Roblox website

Step 3. On the game page, press the "Play" icon;

Step 4. Tap "Download and Install Roblox" to download the Roblox Player. Then run the "RobloxPlayerLauncher.exe" file that you just downloaded and follow the installation. Click "Ok" to complete;

Download and install Roblox Player on your computer

Step 5. Go back to the game page and press "Play" again;

Step 6. In the browser, select the "Allow" option to open the Roblox;

Allow the browser to open the Roblox application on the PC

Step 7. Ready, the game will start in a new window. To change the game, close it and select another game from the "Games" tab on the Roblox website.


Step 1. Open Google Play on your mobile phone and on the search bar, type "Roblox";

Find the Roblox page in the Android store

Step 2. Touch the game page and then "Install";

Touch Install to download Roblox on Android

Step 3. After installation, click "Open" to play.

iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Step 1. In the iPhone / iPad Apple Store, search for "Roblox";

Step 2. Tap the "Get" icon to download;

Download Roblox at the Apple Store

Step 3. Then tap "Open" to start the game.

Xbox one

Step 1. On the Roblox page, in the Microsoft Store, click "Purchase". Enter your account and press "Install Now". When you power on the device, the title will be automatically downloaded and installed on Xbox One;

Download Roblox at the Xbox One Online Store

Step 2. On the console, click the "Search" icon, type "Roblox" and click on the game icon. Then click "Install" to download.

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