Samsung Notebook not on? See possible causes and how to solve

If your Samsung notebook does not turn on, there are a few things to do before you bring the equipment to a service center. While this type of behavior may be caused by hardware failure, there are some measures in the system that can solve the problem and make the PC work again. Also, even if you do not find the solution, you can filter out possible causes to get a better sense of the root of the defect.

Here are four tips for solving a malfunctioning problem on various laptop models from the Korean manufacturer, such as the np270e4e, np370e4k, rv411, and rv420.

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Perform a forced reset

System crashes, such as a poorly performing update, may prevent the Samsung notebook from starting properly. This usually occurs when the notebook turns on the light but does not turn on. The solution is to perform a hard reset or hard reset.

Step 1. Remove the battery from the notebook and unplug the power cord;

Remove the battery and the cable from the Samsung notebook

Step 2. Then press the power button for 30 seconds and release;

Press the power button for 30 seconds before turning it back on.

Step 3. Reconnect the battery and try to connect the notebook normally.

Test the battery

If the previous attempt does not work, the cause of the problem may be the battery. To make sure, perform the same forced reset procedure, but in the last step, leave the battery out. Instead, just plug in the power cord and try to boot the computer. If the machine turns on, the battery is probably defective. Test this option when the notebook does not turn on or charge or turn on the LEDs.

Connect the power cord without the battery

Browse the video

The home video test requires an extra monitor or a television with HDMI input. Connect the notebook via cable to a secondary display and call to make sure that the fault is not a defect in the display. If the image appears normally, it is important to investigate the panel in an authorized service.

Connect the computer to an external monitor via HDMI

Create a recovery disc

If nothing worked, the last attempt is to repair the operating system. This provision, however, is only valid for computers that connect and display the first screen of the manufacturer, leaving only to boot Windows. You will need a pen drive and a second notebook to create a recovery image of Windows 10. Then connect the pen drive to the faulty notebook and enable the boot via USB to reinstall the system. The process may take a few hours.

Boot via USB to reinstall Windows on your computer

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