Samsung Smart View: how to stream content from the notebook to the TV

Smart View is a Samsung program that lets you stream content from your mobile phone or computer to brand-name smart TVs. In addition to the Android and iPhone (iOS) versions, the software is also available on Windows. The feature is very useful when watching movies downloaded by PC, listening to music, among other activities.

The following tutorial teaches you how to install the application on your computer, connect it to Samsung smart TV and stream content to the television. Follow the tips and see photos and movies stored on your hard drive directly on the big screen. Remember that it is necessary to have the notebook connected to the same wireless network as the television.

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Samsung Smart View: learn how to stream notebook content on smart TV

Installing and configuring Samsung Smart View on your notebook

Step 1. Go to the Samsung Smart View on page and download the app for Windows. When opening the executable, click the "Next" button to start the installation;

First screen of Samsung Smart View installation on Windows notebook

Step 2. On the next screen, check the "I accept the product license terms" box and press "Next". Then choose the folder where the program will be saved and click "Next" again;

Choose the location of destination for Samsung Smart View in Windows

Step 3. Keep the "Start Samsung Smart View" box checked and hit the "Finish" button;

Completing the installation of Samsung Smart View on your computer

Step 4. Press the "Connect to TV" button on the Samsung Smart View home screen;

Samsung Smart View Home screen in Windows notebook

Step 5. Make sure the Samsung Smart TV is connected and connected to the same wireless network as the notebook. Once this is done, select the TV model in the indicated field;

Samsung Smart TV selection to be connected to the notebook via Smart View

Step 6. A sequence of four numbers will be displayed on the Smart TV screen. Enter this PIN in the Smart View window and click the "OK" button;

Smart TV PIN insertion on Samsung Smart View

Step 7. Okay, Smart View is now connected and ready to be used with Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung Smart View installed on PC and connected to Samsung Smart TV

Playing content from the notebook on Samsung Smart TV

Step 1. To play something from your computer on Smart TV, first click on "Add content";

Button for adding notebook content to Samsung Smart View

Step 2. Now click "Add File", select the file you want and press "Open";

Adding an individual file to Samsung Smart View

Step 3. Press the "Play" button to start transmitting the computer file on the Smart TV;

Indication of play button, which transmits file from PC to Samsung Smart TV

Step 4. Wait a few seconds. As soon as the connection is completed, the contents of the notebook will start playing on Samsung Smart TV;

Samsung Smart TV playing video stored on notebook

Step 5. The Samsung Smart View will also show playback of the content, serving as control to advance tracks, pause and stop playback.

Samsung Smart View viewing content being played on Smart TV

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