Saving WhatsApp Business Conversations

Saving conversations in WhatsApp Business is very helpful. The feature can be used to store client messages on the computer and free up space on the mobile, for example. In addition, the .txt file generated by the app can be viewed on any device, eliminating the installation of the messenger.

The tutorial then teaches you how to send a complete WhatsApp Business conversation attached to your email. Learn the trick and save the history with your customers even after clearing Android memory.

Tutorial shows how to save WhatsApp Business conversations

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Step 1. Open the conversation you want to save in WhatsApp Business. Tap the three-dot main menu and select "More."

Main chat menu in WhatsApp Business

Step 2. Tap "Send by email". Enter the recipient - who can even be yourself - and change the body of the email if you wish.

E-mail editing with WhatsApp business conversation attached

Step 3. When everything is ready, just send the email. The file can be opened in various text editing programs, such as Google Docs.

.Txt file with WhatsApp Business conversation history

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