See four different ways to print in Windows 10

Windows 10 allows you to capture the screen from native shapes to the system. Among them is the traditional combination of the "PrtScn" key plus the collage in an image editing program. Another option is to print automatically and have the picture saved in a folder on your computer. The system also allows the screenshot of the program in use only and also use the capture tool, which offers several possibilities, such as adjusting and saving the playback of the display. Check out how to do print in four different ways on the Microsoft system.

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Here's how to natively take screenshots in Windows 10

1. Print Screen key

Most well-known and traditional way of playing the Windows computer screen, from the combination of keyboard buttons.

Step 1. Press the "PrtScn" key on the keyboard. Then open the program in which you want to copy the image, such as Paint, Photoshop, GIMP, Word or even an e-mail. To do this, press the "Ctrl" + "V" keys at the same time or right-click and select the "Paste" option;

Paste the image captured in Windows 10 into the program of your choice

Step 2. Depending on the application where the screen image will be pasted, you can edit it. In Paint, for example, the user can click on the selection option, and then mark the area of ​​the image that they want to keep. Just touch the "Cut" button to complete the action;

The image captured in Windows 10 can be edited in Paint

Step 3. Still in Paint, you can resize the image by clicking "Resize". In addition to making the aesthetic changes allowed by the tool;

You can resize the image in Paint on your Windows 10 computer

Step 4. In Word, for example, you need to click on the image to display the "Format" tab. When the option appears, tap on it;

Print made in Windows 10 can also be pasted into Word

Step 5. Select the "Cut" item, and then delimit the desired area by moving the black lines. Finally, press the "Cut" button again.

You can also edit the captured screen image in Word

2. Capture of the program in use

The Microsoft system allows you to capture only the screen of the application in use. This leaves out unnecessary information, such as the toolbar, for example.

Step 1. Press the "Alt" + "PrtScn" keys. Then you have to put the image in some program, just like the procedure done with the "PrtScn" button. In this case, we'll exemplify the collage with the screenplay of Gmail, with shortcut "Ctrl" + "V";

You can paste the image you get from print in Gmail

Step 2. The Google email platform allows you to increase or decrease the size of the image by clicking on it and dragging the blue borders or clicking on the "Small", "Best Fit" or "Original Size" options.

The size of the image captured in Windows 10 can also be edited in Gmail

3. Save the image immediately

In this action, by associating the key with the Windows symbol and the Print Screen button, the system will automatically save the image to a folder called "Screenshots", specific to that registry.

Step 1. At the same time, combine the "PrtScn" + button with the Windows symbol. The screen will "blink", that is, it will turn gray for a second in order to record the action. Then to find the image, type "screenshots" in the Windows Search bar and click on the folder option that appears;

on the search bar in Windows 10

Step 2. It will also be available in the directory "This Computer> Images> Screenshots". Images are saved as PNG format files.

The captured images are immediately saved to a folder on your PC in Windows 10

4. Capture Tool

In addition to the keyboard shortcuts, Windows has a native, easy-to-use program called "Capture Tool". The application brings options like free cutout of the screen, print only of the window of the program in use, among others. The software also allows you to edit and save the image without using an external app.

Step 1. In the Windows search bar, type "Capture Tool" and click on the program icon;

Capture "in the Windows 10 Search Box

Step 2. By clicking "Mode" you can choose the region or how the print will be made. In "Free-form Crop", right after the capture, the user can select the portion of the image he wants. Already in "Rectangular Capture", the screenshot will be limited to this format. While in "Window Capture", the program will only register the screen of the program used. Finally, under "Full Screen Crop", the entire computer screen will be copied;

Choose the screen capture mode in the Windows Capture Tool 10

Step 3. Once the "Mode" is selected, simply select the desired area (in the case of the first two options) or simply let the program work (in the case of the last two). The image will open in a new window, with some options, like copying the file, for example;

You can copy the image in the Capture Tool in Windows 10 to paste to another application

Step 5. To save the file, tap on the floppy disk icon. In the box that opens, choose the format to save the image: JPEG, GIF, PNG or HTML. Finally, go to "Save".

The image captured in Windows 10 can be saved to different extents

Ready. Enjoy the tips and printe any screen in Windows 10 any way you prefer.

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