See tips for doing well in Crucible, the multiplayer mode of Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a shooting game available for PS4, Xbox One and PC that features the return of the Crucible, competitive multiplayer mode in which players can confront each other in battles of up to eight guardians. With new maps and modes, the Crucible is one of the main attractions of the game. Starting now? Check out the guide and see tips to make beautiful in the Bungie FPS online mode.

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Choose the right equipment

In Destiny 2, not always the equipment you use for missions and raids are the most suitable for multiplayer. For Crucible battles, opt for weapons with high cadence of shots, because they help detonate the life bar of enemies faster. Secondary weapons and armor can also be modified to improve their performance.

See tips for doing well in Crucible, the multiplayer mode of Destiny 2

Stay close to your companions

All Destiny 2 Crucible matches are played between teams of four players. One of the best strategies to improve your income is to always be close to your peers. That way, you'll be able to protect them, be protected and help you deal lethal damage more effectively on opponents with combined shots.

Stay close to your buddies in Destiny 2

Look in the head

Just like in the Destiny 2 campaign mode, headshots are also essential to winning on the Crucible. Try to raise your crosshair while firing at enemies to hit the head and cause critical damage. Thus it will be much easier to win individual disputes against opponents and even kill several of them in one move.

Prioritize head shots to multiply your damage on Destiny 2

Do not forget your special skills

The three classes of Destiny 2 have unique abilities that are among the main weapons of the players to win in the Crucible. Accompany the loading of special abilities, grenades and ultimatums to use them whenever necessary. Some options also allow for interesting defensive plays that can benefit your teammates.

Use your special abilities to your advantage in Destiny 2

Keep an eye on the map

Although discreet, the mini map positioned in the upper left corner of the Destiny 2 screen is an important tool to get well in multiplayer matches. The circle shows traces in red indicating the position of the enemies according to their activities. Always keep an eye on the mini map to not be surprised and find opponents more easily.

Keep an eye on the mini map of Destiny 2

Heavy ammunition stock

Unlike the primary and secondary equipment in the game, Destiny 2's heavy weapons require a specific type of ammunition to be found on the map. Whenever you approach any of the purple boxes, be sure to stock these bullets to gain access to your most powerful weapons during matches.

Heavy ammo stock for your weapons in Destiny 2

Focus on the goal of the match

The various game modes of the Destiny 2 Pot give varied goals to the players. More than just killing opponents, you need to collect items, score points, and plant bombs to accomplish the tasks. Pay attention to the goals and be sure to prioritize them. This will increase your score and ensure victory for your team.

Focus on the goal of the match on Destiny 2

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