Selecting a corporate account for payment on the taxis app 99

The 99 is a popular transportation application that offers options for vehicles with taxis and private cars. If your company supports it, you can make the payment using a corporate account. Thus, the debit of the value of the race is done directly with the company responsible and not on your credit card. However, in order to work, the user needs to change the payment option in the app, which is somewhat hidden, before requesting the driver. To help make this action simpler, check out the walkthrough in this Android mobile tutorial.

99 allows payments with corporate account

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Step 1. Open the application from 99 and select the destination address bar at the top of the screen. Then enter or select where you are going.

Select destination location in app 99

Step 2. Note that the transport value will be calculated considering the current location to the destination. To make the change to your company account, select the icon with your credit card (or form of payment) in the left corner of the screen. Then touch "Corporate Voucher".

Select the form of payment and touch the corporate voucher

Step 3. Enter the company information, such as name, title, and more required items. Please confirm "Continue". Note that the "Corporate Voucher" option will now be selected. Press "Ok".

Add company data and corporate data will be added as a form of payment

Step 4. When returning to the main screen, to request the car, also note that the "Corporate Voucher" option will be added as a form of payment. Now simply request the car on the "Confirm route" button in the traditional way.

Request the car on the corporate voucher using the app 99

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