Send a message to yourself in the future with FutureMe

FutureMe is a service that allows you to send an email for yourself to read in the future. The tool works like a time capsule, where you can write thoughts, plans, desires and secrets, and choose a date to receive them when you are older. You can determine any date up to 50 years after submission.

Check out the following tutorial how to send a message to yourself through FutureMe. The feature is for any email service, such as Google Gmail or Yahoo !, Yahoo !, for example.

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FutureMe sends you messages to read in the future

Step 1. Access FutureMe. On the homepage you can write the message. In the "Your Future Letter" field, enter the text you want to receive in the future;

Write your letter on FutureMe and receive it in the future.

Step 2. In the "Delivery in" field, choose the date the message was received. There are pre-set options of one, three or five years. But by clicking the "Choose especi date" button, you can choose any day, month and year in 50 years;

Choose a future date to receive your FutureMe letter

Step 3. In the "Make this letter" topic, define the privacy of the message. By clicking "Private", it will be sent only to you. Select the "Public, but anonymous" option and it will be made available on the site for others to read, but without the author's name;

Choose whether the letter will be private or public on the FutureMe website

Step 4. Enter the destination email of the message in the future and go to "Send to the future!";

Send the letter to your mail in the future with FutureMe

Step 5. At this time, a confirmation email will be sent to ensure receipt of the future message;

FutureMe warning indicates that a confirmation email was sent

Step 6. Access the e-mail and click on the confirmation link sent by FutureMe;

Access the email to confirm receipt of the FutureMe letter

Step 7. Ready. On the date you selected, you will receive a message from the past.

FutureMe confirms that you will receive the letter in the future

Take advantage of FutureMe to send thoughts, plans and current projections and evaluate, in the future, if you managed to conquer them.

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