Setting up the carrier code on an Android phone

Android phones allow you to automatically add your carrier's code to make long distance calls more conveniently, without having to spend time decorating or typing those numbers. The function can be configured natively, without having to install any extra applications on the smartphone. Thus, the prefix is ​​applied directly when initiating the call.

In addition, you can save on calls if you have a discount package or even free minutes on long distance calls (DDD and DDI) using the specific code of your cellular service provider

Here's how to add fast carrier codes on Android to make calls more economical and more convenient

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Step 1. Go to the Android apps menu and tap "Configure". Then select the "SIM Cards" option, which is below "Network Settings".

Access SIM card settings on Android

Step 2. Make sure the chip is active - the key should be on the right. Find the "Easy Prefix" option and turn on the feature.

Select the easy prefix option on Android and activate

Step 3. The "Easy Prefix" will be shown as "Enabled". Touch "YES 1" and from the screen that opens, select the name of the telephone company of your choice. Note that your smartphone automatically tells you which carrier is on the chip by saying it with the word "suggested". The changes will be saved automatically.

Select one of the carrier codes to add on your long distance calls on Android

Step 4. If you prefer, choose the "Customize" option and manually add a different code. Confirm with "Done".

Customize with another code besides the list on Android

Step 5. A practical option for backpackers on call is also to activate the "Travel mode", which automatically detects international roaming by adding the country code (in the case of Brazil: +55). To do this, simply turn the key from gray (off) to green (on) on the same screen.

Turn on automatic roaming detection on Android

Every time you make a long distance call (DDD or DDI), this operator code will be used automatically, even if the ID is not saved in the phone book. This saves you time and saves you money on a daily basis.

Below is the list with the dialing codes of the main operators in Brazil.

  • Of course: 21
  • CTBC: 12
  • Hi: 31
  • Oi / Brasil Telecom Mobile: 14 (the operator has this second number for long distance calls)
  • Nextel: 99
  • Sercomtel: 4
  • TIM: 41
  • Live: 15

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