Setting friends and apps to the Android share menu

Android often displays a lot of options when a user tries to share something. A menu called "Direct Share" appears, which lists the most recent programs used and the contacts you recently spoke to by means of messengers or e-mail. Among the most common apps on this list are the popular WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Gmail and Snapchat.

However, not all users know that it is possible to choose apps and people to keep amid the options permanently. In this tutorial, TechTudo teaches you step-by-step how to pin apps and contacts to the Android sharing menu so they're always visible.

Android allows you to pin contacts and apps on the default sharing menu

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Step 1. Share content through an application of your choice. In this example, we use Google Chrome. To perform the process in the browser, you must tap the three-point icon and then select the "Share" option.

Click the share option for Chrome for Android

Step 2. To attach a contact, press your finger on it for a few seconds, and in the menu that pops up, tap "Pin Guide".

Press the user you want to set in the Android share menu for a few seconds

Step 3. To choose a program to be fixed, press the app icon for a few seconds, then tap "Set tab". Note that the program changes position relative to the others, being among the first on the list.

tab "to leave a featured app on the Android sharing menu

Step 4. If you no longer want to keep a contact or app displayed, simply press its icon again for a few seconds and select the "Release tab" option.

If you no longer want to highlight a user or app, just release the tab

Now you can share content even faster by taking advantage of this feature of "Direct Share" from Android.

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