Seven expected mojave macOS functions

macOS Mojave is the name of the next update to Apple's PC systems. The news was announced during the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. Since then, the software is in the testing phase by developers and users beta testers. There are rumors that the release of the final version will be made during a special event, confirmed last Thursday (30) by the company for September 12, along with the announcement of the new iPhones (iOS).

TechTudo has been using the test version of Mojave MacOS for a few weeks. The following is the list of the most anticipated new features of the system, which is free for all users with Macs released in 2012.

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macOS Mojave is the name of the next major update of Apple's system

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1. Dark mode

The dark mode, without doubt, is the main novelty of the Mojave macOS. When enabled, all native system applications gain a less aggressive hue to the eyes and therefore better for health. The change overcomes previous versions, in which the feature was only applied to the Dock and the menu bar. In fact, some third-party applications also already support functionality.

Dark mode of the Mojave macOS will change the look of all system applications

2. Dynamic wallpaper

The mojave macOS wallpaper can change color throughout the day automatically. As an example, Apple added a bottom of the Mojave Desert in California, in the United States, which inspired the name of the system. It darkens at dusk and almost becomes dark at night. This mechanism is a complement to the dark mode and seeks to bring greater comfort to the users who work for a long time.

Wallpaper changes color throughout the day and assists in the health of vision

3. Always organized work area

MacOS Mojave can organize the mess of your desktop automatically. With one click, the icons group together and form stacks sorted by file type or folders. To access the items, the user must click on the group to expand and then open the desired unit. When you deactivate the function, all the icons return to their original position.

Feature organizes desktop automatically

4. Quick actions

Quick View gains the ability to edit files quickly. It has been around for years on macOS and now, when selecting a photo, for example, just press the space bar to access the shortcuts. In this case, you can rotate the image, make notes, insert a signature, and crop the picture without opening it. The function is available for PDF documents, videos, music and other formats, and also provides functions specific to each type of file.

Quick View of macOS Mojave has buttons for quick actions

5. Scan documents on iPhone

IPhone users have gained a new feature of integration between the Mac and the Apple phone. Now, on your computer, you can import photos and scan documents in real time through your phone. Mac OS Mojave can open the iPhone camera to insert images into Pages text, Keynote presentations, the desktop, or any folder on your PC. When you activate the feature, just point your smartphone and take the photo, it goes to the selected location automatically.

You can use your iPhone camera to scan documents and optimize tasks

6. New apps

Three new apps come to the Mac: Stock, Recorder and Home. In fact, they were developed for iPhone and taken to the macOS. The first allows you to track stock quotes on the stock exchange, while the second is an audio recorder capable of synchronizing files with the iPhone and iPad via iCloud. Already the latter can control home objects compatible with HomeKit - such as air conditioning, thermostat, lighting, intercom and security cameras, for example. The promise is that next year, Mojave's successor will be able to run iOS apps.

macOS Mojave has three new applications known to iPhone users

7. New Mac App Store

The iPhone App Store won a new look on iOS 11 in 2017. In this release, it was the turn of the macOS application store to undergo a major upgrade. In Mojave, the Mac App Store was recreated from scratch, according to Apple's company. The interface is more beautiful and in line with the new visual standard adopted by the company in recent years. The previous appearance was basically the same since the introduction of the store in 2010.

Mac App Store interface is unprecedented

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