Seven Google Sheets to Organize Your Life

Google Sheets has several templates ready to make it easier for you to organize your personal life. With organized and functional design, the templates include aspects such as budget, to-do list, travel itinerary and event planning, among other everyday situations. The result is time saving for the user, who only needs to enter personal data into a schema already formatted for a given need.

Here's how to use seven different spreadsheets from Google, from the web version of Google Drive. Learn how to master the tool and plan your life quickly.

How to use formulas in Google Sheets Sheets

Learn how to use seven Google spreadsheet templates and organize your life

To find the preformatted spreadsheet templates, open Google Drive and click the "New" button in the upper-left corner of the screen. Hover over "Sheets" and then click "Based on a template."

Access to ready-made spreadsheet templates

In the next screen, Google will show all available templates. Check out each of the following topics, which template to select, and how to fill in the fields appropriately.

1. Money

Select the "Monthly Budget" worksheet to organize your financial life based on your income and expenses for the month. By clicking on this template, you will see some instructions at the top. Start by changing cell L8 and enter how much you already have, not counting wages.

Change your starting balance in the Google Drive monthly budget worksheet

When going down the screen, you can find the tables "Expenses" and "Income". They have several common items like "Food" or "Dwelling", but some may not be appropriate to your reality. To change a topic, click on the corresponding cell and enter a new name - in this example, we replace "Gifts" with "Light" and "Public utility services" with "Pharmacy".

The description and planned value columns can be changed, but not the contents of the "Real" column. This applies both to the expense table and to the income table. Changes must be made on the "Transactions" page. Change the date, enter the value, add a description and then choose the category.

Adding and changing categories of expenses and lace on Google spreadsheet

When you return to the "Summary" page, the values ​​in the "Actual" column will be updated according to the category. Google Spreadsheets will add up all the amounts in the same classification, as well as calculate the difference between expected and actual spend, the monthly savings in absolute and percentage values, and the final balance.

Expense and savings calculations done by the Google Sheets template

2. Agenda

The "Agenda 2018" template gathers 13 calendars, one annual and 12 monthly. In them, you can make short notes and highlight important dates in different colors or fonts. The spreadsheet is almost a simplified version of Google Calendar, and works for those who prefer a more objective interface to advanced features.

Calendar worksheet gathers annual and monthly calendars

3. Commitments

To create a to-do list to resolve, go to the "Task List" worksheet. With only one page, the template displays three columns: date, task, and check. Describe what you need to do and enter the deadline for doing this. When it is fulfilled, simply insert an "x" in the checklist column; the respective task will automatically change formatting and start displaying the source with risk in the middle (crossed out).

Google Task List Worksheet helps you meet day-to-day obligations

4. Travel

If you have a marked trip, the "Roadmap" worksheet can help you organize all the details, from start to finish. It has fields for entering flight data (with or without stopover), place (s) of accommodation and programming of what to do on every day. Fill in everything before you leave, and during the tour, this worksheet may be the only document open.

Spreadsheet template with travel itinerary allows you to include flights, accommodation and daily schedule

5. Marriage

This worksheet can help you organize a wedding. It gathers 21 pages to organize the different aspects of the party, such as budget, guest list, work team, catering, local rental, photographer and etc. The user can add or remove fields in each table according to their need, but the existing ones meet the expectations of most couples.

Google Planning Worksheet makes it easy to organize the ceremony

Google does not block the action of renaming the worksheet or exiting pages. Thus, the model can be used to organize other events, such as a party that requires rental of sound, venue and catering, but do not need topics such as hair, makeup, costume and hotel, for example.

6. Programming

The "Programming" worksheet is ideal for those who wish to trace a new routine. When you fill in the date in the cell next to "Week of", the table will be updated with the appropriate dates from Monday through Sunday. Lastly, you only have to fill in your schedule day after day, according to the schedule. At the end of the worksheet there are fields to enter notes and to-do list.

Schedule sheet allows to lay out the routine of the whole week

7. School work

Located in the "Education" section, the "Task Control" worksheet is designed for controllers to control the execution of homework and schoolwork in general. This does not, however, prevent it from being used by the student himself to manage his tasks, be it a child, adolescent or adult.

To use the tool, first open the "Materials" page and enter all the studied subjects, which may be high school or college. After that, go to the "Tasks" page, select the topic, write what the task is about, choose a status, the time required to do the job, start date and deadline.

Worksheet Task control is used to organize school or academic life by Google Sheets

Take advantage of the tips, time-saver, and do not miss appointments with Google's spreadsheet templates.

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