Seven Tips for Buying a New and Cheap Notebook on Black Friday 2018

Black Friday 2018 takes place on the penultimate Friday of November (23). The date, which moves the market every year, may be a unique opportunity to acquire quality notebooks at below-average prices. That way, you can find models with newer components, good screen resolution and current features costing less.

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For this, it is necessary to know some information about the products, like specifications, previous prices and among others. Check out the following 7 tips that will help when choosing the right laptop to buy on Black Friday.

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Five Important Tips Before Buying a Notebook

1. Screen

Cheapest notebook can come with HD resolution screen

One of the typical "sacrifices" related to most notebooks is the screen resolution, since cheap laptops can bring HD resolution screen (1366 x 768p). If on the one hand this pattern can perfectly match a profile of more domestic and casual use, on the other, it may be far from ideal for those who need a computer more focused on productivity and entertainment.

If you fit better in the second group, it might be interesting to keep an eye on options with higher resolution screens. In the Brazilian market, the degree above HD is Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels). Although lesser-known brand models, mainly of Chinese origin, may have an intermediate solution of 1600 x 900 pixels.

2. Imported

Mi Pro is a notebook from the Chinese manufacturer with design similar to Apple's

Chinese notebooks usually reach the Brazilian market in the hands of independent importers and the so-called gray market. In general, these computers can have interesting prices and even compelling design, but it is very important to keep a close eye on the brand's reputation and to what extent they guarantee support to outsiders.

These issues include drivers such as updates and BIOS in a language other than Mandarin, as well as guarantees offered by Brazilian resellers in case of problems. Another factor of attention, especially if you are importing on your own, is the possible collection of taxes upon arrival in Brazil, in addition to all the bureaucracy involved.

3. Low prices can mean older hardware

Notebooks priced in account may bring older hardware

The Black Friday period is also used by traders to release the stock. In the case of notebooks, this could mean higher discounts on products that have parked on the shelves. This may represent models with older generation processors and DDR3 RAM, for example.

Who decides how bad this is is the user: for casual use, browsing the Internet, watching videos and using productivity apps, older components should not be a problem. However, if the intention is to run games, editing programs, 3D modeling, design, photography, among other types of use more professional, it is worth pursuing more current products, since the new generations of hardware mean gains of performance.

4. Keep an eye on possible upgrades

Notebooks with interfaces for SSDs, extra disks, and more RAM are interesting for those who want to extend the life of the device

If you're looking for models in mind, you may well end up investing in a laptop with a 500GB or 1TB hard drive. Common, these options are interesting for cheaper notebooks, but they sacrifice performance. In addition, 500GB drives may be insufficient over time.

Because of these two factors, it is interesting to investigate in advance whether the computer you intend to buy has SSD support, what SATA (or PCIe) interfaces it uses for solid state disks, if it is possible to install more RAM, among other features that allow perform an upgrade in the future.

5. Operating system

Linux is not synonymous with headache

Another common feature in most laptops is the type of preinstalled operating system. Cheaper versions of famous brand computers, such as Dell and Positivo, may come with some Linux version on board. Migrating to the free operating system is not a difficult task, but if you have lesser ease with computers, it may end up becoming a problem.

Another important detail is to keep an eye on what exact version of Linux the manufacturer makes available. There are brands in Brazil that persist in an old 2010 edition of Mandriva, already out of date and without updates since 2011. The tip is: if you choose the free system, make sure that the computer comes with a current version; if not, install an updated distribution on your own.

6. Research hard

Compare and search prices to find the best deal

The tip is not new and also applies to other segments. It is important not to fall into the temptation to buy soon the first interesting ad that appears, since many stores will be competing with low prices on the day. Research is critical to making sure that you have found the best offer, and even a way to avoid finding the same product at lower prices after the purchase.

An interesting way to watch for values ​​during the week before Black Friday is Compare. Through the site you can search the model you are looking for, by brand, or even by more generic features, such as "notebook core i5". In the results, you can also filter by prices and always the most prominent options that have highlighted.

7. Know what your profile is

Perhaps the most important thing in the entire buying process is knowing exactly what the notebook will be used for. Work and leisure indicate a less demanding profile. However, productivity in creative and development areas, as well as games, imposes a completely different laptop profile.

In addition, there are variations within these groups: you may want something good to use at home, but with powerful hardware. On the other hand, a gamer user can think of a computer that is not so flashy, more portable and with better battery life.

Before buying, it is important to keep in mind which of these and other factors are decisive for you. Make a list of what is most decisive for classifying model by model according to your preferences.

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