Seven tips for editing and customizing Instagram bio

The Instagram bio is a space where you can write in the profile a little about yourself. Although the biography of the social network has a limit of only 160 characters, there are several ways to make it creative and organized with easy personalization tips.

In the bio, the user can insert phrases for Instagram profile, tag friends, use hashtags, add emojis, change bio letter and insert links from other social networks. Also, you can skip line or insert indents in the text to change the formatting. Check out these and other tips for having a creative biography on Instagram.

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1. How to insert hashtags into Instagram bio

The user can use hashtags on the social network in the bio with the objective of attracting more followers to his profile. This feature was released in March 2018, along with the ability to mark other Instagram profiles in the bio.

Step 1. To add hashtags to bio, go to your profile and tap the "Edit profile" option. On the settings page, go to the "Biography" section, just below "Site";

Edit Instagram's bio by application to insert hashtags

Step 2. In "Biography, " type the game character of the old (#), followed by the topics you want to insert a hashtag. If you want to add more than one, separate them with a space. Finally, touch the check symbol (✓) in the upper right corner to save the action.

Insert hashtags into Instagram's bio

2. How to book friends on Instagram's bio

Joining friends on Instagram's bio is very interesting for commercial accounts, since it facilitates the disclosure of public people or partner brands. It is worth remembering that the mentioned account receives a notification of its activity, and it has the option to reject the action. If this happens, the mention entered in your bio will not be clickable.

Step 1. To mark friends in the bio, touch "Edit profile" and then in "Biography";

Go to the Instagram biography editing page from your profile

Step 2. Type at (@), and then add a friend's name to mark it in your bio.

Tagging friends on Instagram bio works the same way as photo captions

3. How to skip line in Instagram bio

You can do Instagram's bio text line break, however this is not possible natively in the application. So if you want to make your bio text cleaner and more organized, know that this tip is only available for the social network mobile app.

To do this, you need to open the native notes app on your phone. In this tutorial, we use the Samsung Notes notebook. Then enter the text of your biography - not forgetting to make the line breaks you want. Then copy the content and paste it into Instagram's bio.

To skip Instagram's bio line, you need to copy and paste annotation app text

4. How to put link in Instagram bio

Adding a bio link to your other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, helps spread your other profiles and increase the amount of friends and connections on the web.

Step 1. To enter a site address in your bio, go to "Edit Profile". On the next page, tap on the "Site" section;

Edit site in Instagram bio by app

Step 2. Enter the blank link, then, the link you want.

Add link to Instagram bio

5. How to put space on Instagram's bio

Instagram's bio-line retreat leaves the text with a different look. To do this, simply format the text in a separate application with different alignments on each line. Then you need to copy it to paste the contents into the bio of Instagram. In this step, we use WhatsApp, since Samsung's notepad did not stick to the bio with the alignment set.

Instagram bio space

6. How to change the bio letter of Instagram

It is possible to put different letters in the bio of Instagram through sites like LingoJam ( or Sprezz Keyboard (, which offer online sources. Just access them and type what you want into the text box of the site. Then copy the text with the font you want and paste directly into the blank field to change the Instagram bio font.

Change font in Instagram bio

7. How to put emojis on Instagram bio

Put emojis in the bio of Instagram is a way to make it more fun. In addition to using the symbols that already exist on your device, you can use the MessLetters site ( to find differentiated emojis. Just copy the character of your choice from the symbol table. Then paste them into your profile bio.

Include emoji and symbols in Instagram bio

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