Shadows of the War

Middle-earth: Shadows of War is another game inspired by The Lord of the Rings saga on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The title has third-person action and many bouts, putting the player in command of Talion, a renegade guardian who has the mission to defeat Sauron's forces alongside his unlikely ally, Celebrimbor the elf. The game features lots of customization elements as well as an Orcs recruiting system to form your army. Learn to deal with these elements of gameplay and other tips to get along:

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Save resources until Act 2

Middle-earth: Shadows of War only really begins in Act 2, the second chapter of the game. The problem is that it actually takes a while to start - just over three or four hours, depending on the player's performance. So do not fret!

Shadows of the War

The main tip is: save resources for this second chapter onwards. Especially Miriam, the fictitious money created inside the game. Use it just to make room for jewelry on your outfits.

How To Recruit Orcs Efficiently

Also from Act 2 you gain the ability to recruit orcs, which is one of the main mechanics of the game. It is with her that Talion will build his army to defeat Sauron and take strongholds of the Dark Lord.

Shadows of the War

Recruiting orcs can be difficult to master. It is necessary to arrive without they see, in a stealthy way, and press the right button of domination. The main tip is to recruit orcs that are alone on the map. When in a group, it is easier to eliminate them to continue on your way.

Keep the outfits with jewelry

From the first equipment obtained it is possible to improve it from jewels, which are items recovered from bodies of dead orcs. The jewels can increase the gain of money, damage in each blow, among other elements that will make your life easier.

Shadows of the War

Go to the equipment menu and release the jewel slot on each item, spending Miriam's thousand. This money can be easily recovered from each mission, so it will not be that much needed - and it will give you a nice benefit.

Always identify the nemesis

The Nemesis system is what makes War Shadows walk. It is with him that you release strengths and increase the level of your character or army. To defeat the nemesis, or make it an easier task, you need to know your weaknesses or natural defenses - this is extremely important before a fight.

Shadows of the War

Whenever you encounter a nemesis and it makes the presentation press the analog button on the control to read its official description - name, blows, weaknesses and defenses. Knowing this is half a victory, so never fail to identify them.

Improve skills one by one

At each level, Talion gets a point to unlock one of the skills. Some of them are mandatory for the story and are unlocked automatically, but the rest can be in the natural order, without embola everything.

Shadows of the War

The main tip is: Unlock a skill from each line at a time, as in the picture above. Do not try to maximize a whole line at once, as Talion will be unbalanced in combat.

Send death vows

The tip is very strange but it makes a lot of sense in this game. Whenever you interrogate an orc and release information about a new nemesis, try sending an oath of death by pressing the corresponding button.

Shadows of the War

The death vows make the orcs more furious, and with that, their underlings will give more rare gear when they are killed. Of course the fight will be difficult, but until you find them it is possible that Talion is stronger, with more skills and weapons.

Do not spend money on chests

The chests are the way the Shadows of War production has found to get some more money from the players and this is totally legitimate. Just like Overwatch boxes and other similar games they give random benefits and can be obtained for free or buying with real values.

Shadows of the War

However, it is highly suggested that you do not have to spend real money on them. There are chests that cost Miriam (silver coin), which can be obtained just by playing, and others that are charged in gold, this just obtained from real money. Over time, you will have enough chests with many new units and items, and you will not miss buying new ones.

Use the soldiers for group fights

One of Talion's most important skills is to summon allied soldiers to engage in group battles. At the beginning of the game they are forces of Gondor, but are later replaced by orcs. To use, simply press the right side on the digital directional control.

Shadows of the War

It is imperative that you use this skill wisely as it takes time to recharge. It also helps a lot in the invasion of places when you are not with your army and in the domination of captains.

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