SimSimi is dangerous? See the app's controversy with children and know how to protect them

The SimSimi application is the subject of controversial accusations in Brazil and worldwide. The app uses artificial intelligence technology to talk to users and is suspected of sending inappropriate messages such as sexual content, bullying practices and even death threats.

The conversations are conducted by a charismatic yellow character and, therefore, reaches popularity among children and adolescents. The feature is available on iPhone (iOS), Android and the web version. Next, find out what SimSimi is and how the service works, and find out how to protect children from dangerous content.

Preventing children from accessing adult content on the Internet

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What is SimSimi?

The free app developed by the company SimSimi Inc. consists of a chat robot (or chatbot) able to talk to people. Through artificial intelligence technology, the program manages to learn from user responses and thus increase the database. However, this fact promotes a response resource with jokes and swearing.

SimiSimi character ends up attracting children to the app

With a blue sky background full of clouds, the chat is answered by a nice yellow puppet, which can serve as a decoy for children and teenagers. The character encourages the chat and often some of this content can be considered offensive or sexually oriented.

The friendly look also deceives those responsible, as they do not notice that the program is 16 years old. In addition, the tool is specified in application stores as "violence, sexual content and drugs."

Why can it be dangerous for children?

SimSimi may contain dialogs not suitable for children

Because of the system's native learning, the result presented may not be appropriate for children. The figure is able to make sexual proposals, use profanity and even make threats, which can scare the little ones. The report of a mother, viralized in Facebook, affirms that the application threatened its family of death and, therefore, the child would have been terrified.

Because it is a platform on which the user remains anonymous, it can be used for bullying. This is because, in some conversations, the program quotes the name of a person associated with a characteristic, such as "So-and-so is ugly." Such content, if replicated by chat devices or social networks, can be used to reach other people.

Message alert mothers about SimSimi

How to restrict by age?

SimSimi does not allow you to restrict its use by age, but has some features that guarantee the display of less offensive content. Still, it is important to keep in mind that the program was designed for users 16 years of age or older and not for children. Therefore, to have greater control of the applications used by the little ones, Google Play One offers a parental control system as well as the Apple App Store.

How to protect children?

SimSimi has some tools to protect children from unwanted content. And they are:

1. Remove offensive terms and swearing

To do this, go to the "Configuration" option. Then, under "Use bad words", drag the "thermometer" down to "Almost never". However, this does not mean that profanity and profanity will no longer be displayed, but will appear less frequently.

You can reduce the number of bad words displayed in the SimSim app

2. Protect names

In the chat window, click the three dots icon on the upper right side of the screen. In the menu that appears, go to "Name Protect (Beta)". Type the names that the app should not use in the conversations in the "Your Name" fields and click "OK." If they are common names or artists, the tool will not remove and will suggest sending an email to the manufacturer with the request.

SimSimi allows the user to try to protect certain names

3. Report a sentence

If you receive an unpleasant answer, simply press the balloon referring to the phrase for a few seconds, and access the "Phrase Info" feature. In this area, you can report the item by clicking "Do not Say It!".

You can report an answer given by SimSimi

Then report the problem, then click "SimSimi advise not to say this". If there are further complaints, the term should be removed from the system.

Complete the denunciation of the unwanted phrase in SimSimi

4. Delete conversation and delete app

To delete a conversation, go back to the side menu and select "Remove conversation". Finally, go to "Erase.

It is possible to delete SimSimi chat

Worried users can uninstall the app on Android and also on the iPhone. It is worth noting that the application is not suitable for children under 16 years of age. So if your child is not the appropriate age, it is recommended to delete the application from the device. Because the program does not request login data or use information from third-party services, such as Facebook or Gmail, there is no option to delete the account.

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