Siri on iOS 12: Creating Voice Command Shortcuts

IOS 12 lets you create shortcuts to perform everyday tasks with Siri on iPhone. The user can record a custom voice command and link to a particular action, including third-party applications - such as WhatsApp, Google Maps, Waze and YouTube. The function is very handy and useful for anyone who uses the Apple virtual assistant on the mobile phone.

In the following tutorial, check out how to create shortcuts using voice commands with Siri on iOS 12. The procedure was performed on an iPhone 8, but the tips are valid for any device running the latest version of Apple's system.

Learn how to create shortcuts for frequent tasks on Siri with iOS 12

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Step 1. Access the iOS settings, then tap "Siri e Busca".

Access Siri settings

Step 2. In the "Suggested shortcuts" section, you can quickly create a shortcut to the tasks you most frequently do by tapping "+". Tap "All Shortcuts" and "View All" to the right of the app name to see all possibilities.

Viewing shortcut suggestions

Step 3. Locate the shortcut you want to create and tap "+". Now just say the phrase you want to link to the shortcut. The message will be displayed on the screen. Make sure Siri understands all the words correctly. If you want to change, touch "Re-record Phrase". To save the shortcut, touch "OK" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Recording a new shortcut

Step 4. To use the shortcut, simply access Siri and say the phrase you recorded. The selected action will be executed immediately.

Running shortcut on Siri

Step 5. The created shortcuts are saved in "My Shortcuts" on the "Siri e Busca" settings homepage. To remove a shortcut, tap on it and swipe left. Finally, touch "Delete".

Removing a shortcut from Siri

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