Six functions of the new Gmail that will make your life easier

The new Gmail comes with a redesigned design and some features that promise to make it easier to manage your inbox. According to Google, the new look helps the user to perform more functions with less work. Other features make it more practical, such as responding to an email automatically. There are still important privacy enhancements that include celebrity security-savvy features such as ProntonMail.

Confidential Mode, which will allow you to send self-destructive messages, is not available to everyone yet. Despite this, there are at least six functions that are worth knowing. If you've already activated the new version, see how to use the main features of the new Gmail.

Gmail wins new version for the web; see how to activate

Get to know the new features of the new Gmail

1. Shortcuts in the inbox

Like Inbox, another Google e-mail application, the new Gmail brings shortcuts to shortcuts right in your inbox. Without having to open the messages, users can archive, delete, mark as unread or postpone. Google also promises to use the space to show warnings to the user, suggesting response to old emails, for example.

Previously, actions required opening the messages one by one or marking them to apply Gmail's batch change. The novelty tends to streamline common actions and, with this, save time in the day to day of the user.

Move mouse over messages to see new shortcuts

2. Postpone email

Among the new shortcuts, the main one is responsible for the "Postpone" function. Another element inherited from Inbox, this feature allows you to set a time to receive an email that has already arrived in your inbox. Once the postponement period is set, the message returns as if it were new. The idea is to facilitate the time management of those who receive many emails and need to be reminded to respond.

Step 1. To use, click the clock icon button next to the desired message and select one of the date suggestions. To choose a specific time for the return of the email, check "Choose date and time". When saving, the message will disappear from the inbox and will be stored until the date set.

Defer emails to receive messages at a predefined date

Step 2. In the "Delayed" menu you can check and cancel the postponement of any message.

Deferred emails are in a separate menu

3. Smart Reply

Smart Reply is yet another function that came first to Inbox, and now it should speed up the response of simple emails in Gmail. The user does not need to configure anything to start using. Smartly, Google analyzes the content of incoming emails and suggests related responses in the form of buttons at the end of the message. Depending on the level of communication complexity, simply click once to send a timely response to the recipient.

Gmail offers quick answers to use with a click

4. Retractable Menu

An interesting design detail of the new Gmail is the ability to extend the useful area of ​​the inbox by collecting the side menu. To do this, you just need to click the button on the top left of the screen which then the main navigation bar button is hidden by stretching the center speaker. When this happens, a simple mouse-move enlarges the desired menu. To return to normal, simply click the button at the top again.

Gmail sidebar collapses to take better advantage of space

5. Add-ons Sidebar

Gmail add-ons get more prominent in this new release. They come to occupy the right side of the screen. By default, the platform brings quick access to Google Calendar, Google Keep, and the new Google Tasks. Click one of them to expand the view and get calendar, notes, or to-do list.

Gmail add-ons stay in new sidebar

6. Writing language

Whoever writes emails in multiple languages ​​can quickly select the appropriate keyboard in the new Gmail. In a new shortcut at the top, the user can change the input method to get spell checker and writing suggestions in another language. The options displayed there bring the settings in your Google account. If you have an Android phone, it is possible that the right keyboards have already been added.

Gmail allows you to select the message writing language

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