Six hidden YouTube controls that not everyone knows

YouTube has functions that even the most assiduous users may not know about. The platform has hidden features that can change the look of the site, expand the possibilities of sharing and even accelerate the viewing of online content, for example. Features have been around for a long time in Google's service, but most people have never used it. If you're a part of this group, check out six little-known controls that enhance the YouTube experience.

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YouTube platform has functions little explored by users

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1. Dark mode

YouTube offers the ability to change the interface colors and make everything dark for easy video consumption at night, as high brightness can harm your eyes. The appeal has been available since last year.

Step 1. To activate the feature, click on your profile photo and select "Dark Theme";

Access the dark theme in the YouTube account menu

Step 2. When you switch the key on the next screen, the appearance will be darkened indefinitely until there is a new configuration change.

Manually turn on dark mode on YouTube

2. Music Library

The video platform provides its own library of music for free use. The collection offers several options of released tracks to be downloaded in the PC and added in own videos, at the moment of the edition. This way, there is no risk of copyright infringement with the upload. To access the catalog, go to and explore the available options.

YouTube offers songs to use without infringing copyright

3. Specific share sharing

YouTube also offers the ability to share a video with someone from a specific time. The function is useful for showing certain excerpt to a friend, without the need to watch all content from the beginning and thus save time. To do this, go to the desired position of the video and click the screen with the right mouse button. Select the "Copy video URL in current time" item and get the play link to send to anyone.

Share a YouTube video from a specific slice

4. Speed ​​control

Another time-saving tip on YouTube is to speed up video playback. The tool gives the user permission to change the level of speed at which the images will be displayed. This optimizes the time and facilitates the accomplishment of tasks in the day to day.

Step 1. In any platform content, click the gear icon button on the playback bar. Then select the "Speed" option to open a sub-menu;

Access speed control on any YouTube video

Step 2. Choose a number greater than 1 to increase the rate of material display and thus decrease the time required to watch.

Accelerate playback of a YouTube video with native platform feature

5. Search for content within the video

All YouTube videos go through an automatic transcription process. It can be used to fetch specific content. Instead of watching a video for the terms mentioned, you can access the copy and search directly in the text without having to play.

Step 1. From the menu with the three-point button below the video, choose "Open Transcription";

Open a transcript of a YouTube video

Step 2. YouTube will display the written text with the spoken words in the video and the timestamps. Use the material to search for the keywords you cited throughout the playback. Remember that as the process is automated, there may be errors in transcription.

Search transcribed content for YouTube-enabled video

6. Keyboard Shortcuts

YouTube has several keyboard shortcuts that can control playback, volume, and even the site header, without having to click on the courses at all. The commands help to save time and are an alternative to navigate the platform in the absence of a mouse. Check out the list of YouTube shortcuts below.

YouTube keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
Space barPlay / pause when the search bar is selected. Activate a button if it is highlighted.
"Play / pause" media key on keyboardsPlay / Pause.
KPlay / pause on the player.
"Stop" media key on keyboardsStop.
"Next track" media key on keyboardsGo to the next track in a playlist.
Left / Right arrow keys on the search barRewind / forward five seconds.
JRewind 10 seconds in the player.
LFast forward 10 seconds on the player.
Home / End keys in the search barGo to the beginning / end seconds of the video.
Up / down arrows in the search barIncrease / decrease volume by 5%.
Numbers from 1 to 9 in the search bar (not on the numeric keypad)Indicate the percentage of 10% to 90% of the video.
Number 0 in the search bar (not on the numeric keypad)Go to the beginning of the video.
Number 1 or Shift + 1Switch between the H1 headers.
/Go to the search box.
FEnable full screen mode. If full screen mode is active, press F again or Esc to exit.
WEnable subtitle or captions if available. To hide them, press C again.
Shift + NGo to the next video. If you are watching a playlist, the next video in the playlist will be displayed. Otherwise, the next video suggested by YouTube will be played.
Shift + PGo to the previous video. This shortcut works only if you are watching a playlist.
Source: Google slide to see content

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