Skype releases encrypted chat for everyone; see how to use

Skype has released the use of end-to-end encryption conversations in Android and iPhone (iOS) applications. The most secure mode is available in the Private Chat feature, which creates an extra layer of protection to avoid interceptions. The feature is tethered to the user's phone, making the conversation appear on all logged-in devices, but the history is never synced. In the following lines, we teach how to use Skype with encryption.

Unlike apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, Skype does not provide encryption by default in all chats and the function needs to be activated manually.

Tutorial teaches how to create encrypted conversations in Skype

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Step 1. Open Skype on your mobile phone and tap the pencil-shaped button at the bottom of the screen to open the new chat menu. Select the "Private Chat" option.

Skype: start a new Private Conversation

Step 2. Select a contact from the list to send an invitation. Note that Skype creates a second tab in the friend's window dedicated exclusively to encrypted chat. The conversation, however, can not be started until the invitation is accepted.

Skype: select the contact and send the Private Conversation invitation

Step 3. The contact must tap "Accept" to enter private chat with you. From there the conversation becomes encrypted and will not sync to other devices with your account logged in.

Skype: Accept the invitation to join a Private Conversation

Step 4. Chat normally using Skype's audio, image and video sharing capabilities. In addition, you can initiate a voice call. Encrypted video calls are not yet supported.

Skype: use chat and VoIP function with encryption

Step 5. To end private chat, hold down the "Private" tab to open a menu of options. Select "End private conversation" and confirm your choice in "End conversation". The history of messages exchanged will be kept on the devices unless the conversation is deleted.

End a Private Conversation on Skype

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