Smarter WhatsApp: Learn how to use automatic replies

WhatsApp can be smarter with the help of Reply, a new Google application that creates automatic responses to messengers. Available for testing on Android smartphones, the app uses artificial intelligence to read your messages and suggest texts ready to respond with just one touch directly from the notification.

The wizard promises to understand the context of the conversation, the user's location and other variables to present interaction options in Portuguese and speed up the exchange of messages. In general, it only offers the answer and the user chooses whether to send it or not. But when driving or running, for example, the app can send the message on its own. See in the tutorial how to download, configure and use the Google bot in WhatsApp.

Here's how to use the Reply app to get answers ready for WhatsApp

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How to install and configure

Step 1. Google Reply is not yet available on Google Play, but can be obtained from secure portals such as APK Mirror. Download and install the application manually and install the APK on your phone. When opening the app for the first time, sign in with your Google account.

Sign in with your Google account at Reply

Step 2. Scroll to the notification access screen and turn the key next to Reply. The function will allow the application to read your conversations to suggest answers. According to Google, chat content is not used for another purpose.

Release notification access to Google Reply

Step 3. Then release and location permission to Reply. With this information, the app will know to suggest answers to people who ask where you are.

Grant access to your location

Step 4. The next step is to configure the types of responses to be suggested by the application. The highlights go to the vacation response ( vacation responder ), who knows whether or not you are working from the calendar; urgent sound, which emits a flashy alert when someone sends a message with "urgent" and detective seriousness, which promises to understand when the subject deserves your attention. Activate the desired modes and advance to "Continue".

Choose automatic response types and progress

Step 5. You can then enable automatic response when driving, pedaling and running (other options are not yet available). With the feature enabled, the app is free to respond automatically without direct user permission.

Choose situations where Reply will respond alone

Step 6. Finally, finalize the configuration by accessing the side menu and entering your home and work address in the application. The data will be used for answers to questions about your location.

Register home and work addresses

How to use in WhatsApp

Step 1. By default, Reply is configured to work with as many messengers as possible on your phone, but you can only leave it active in WhatsApp. To do so, go to the side menu, tap Apps, and check WhatsApp in the list.

Turn on Reply on WhatsApp

Step 2. From there, your received messages will display response options in the notification. Tap one of the texts to send automatically, without typing anything.

Reply WhatsApp messages with a notification tap

Step 3. When asked about your location, Reply will use your mobile data to determine whether you are at work or at home, for example. When sending, Reply shows a counter and lets you cancel the action on the "Undo" button within a few seconds.

Cancel responses to WhatsApp

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