Snapchat allows you to save chat messages for 24 hours; know how to activate

Snapchat chat messages can now be saved and viewed for up to 24 hours after they are opened. The option can be activated individually for each conversation with friends within the settings - by default, group chats are deleted after one day. Until then, the dialogs were deleted immediately by the app, after the two people view the content of the messages.

The procedure is available and can be performed on Android or iPhone (iOS) phones. Check out the following tutorial on configuring Snapchat chat to save or delete chat messages according to your preference.

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Snapchat allows you to save chat messages for 24 hours

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Step 1. Open the conversation with a friend in Snapchat and touch the three stripes in the upper left corner to open the settings. Then choose "Delete Chats";

Access the Snapchat chat settings to enable message deletion only after 24 hours

Step 2. Select when messages will be deleted: immediately after viewing or 24 hours after viewing.

Snapchat user can choose whether chat messages will be erased immediately or only after 24 hours

Ready. Take the hint to keep messages and see the conversations longer in the Snapchat chat.

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