Snapchat filter shows how your baby will be; see how to use

Snapchat has a filter that allows you to simulate how a baby would be between two friends on the platform. Available in the iPhone app (iOS) on Android, the Our Baby filter works like a game where the user creates their baby version and sends the result to a chat contact. Then the person opens the image and performs the same procedure on his cell phone. At this point, the application merges the photos of the two participants and creates the baby simulation. Check out how to play the game with your friends in Snapchat.

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Joking at Snapchat shows how your baby will be

Step 1. Open Snapchat on the chat screen and touch the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then enter the friend's name and tap the corresponding result in the contact search;

Action to start a chat with a friend in Snapchat

Step 2. Touch the circle icon to open the camera on your phone. At this point, tap on your face to view the application's masking options;

Action to open the mask options in a Snapchat conversation

Step 3. Slide the mask options until you find the game "Our baby". At this point, touch the blue button to start the game;

Action to start the game Our Baby from Snapchat

Step 4. Frame your face so the baby simulation stays inside the game's design and tap the camera icon to take a picture. Then touch the white arrow icon in the lower right corner to send the image to your contact;

Action to simulate your photo as a baby in Snapchat's Our Baby game

Step 5. Once your contact responds, use the "Tap to view" button. The child's simulated image from the two photos appears at the bottom of the screen. To see other options, touch "More";

Action to open a baby created with the Snapchat Our Baby filter

Step 6. You can choose the "Play" option to repeat the procedure and create a new baby or close the filter using the "Jump" button.

Action to close or continue playing with the Snapchat Our Baby filter

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