Snapchat launches 'delete to all' function; see how it works

Snapchat has launched a function that allows you to permanently remove messages from the conversation. Similar to WhatsApp's "delete to all", deleted content goes out of all devices, including contacts in individual conversations or in groups. Chat history tells you when something has been removed. Texts, GIFs and voice recordings can be deleted without time limit, while images and videos are already self-destructive by default in the app. Here's how to use the new messenger feature in the following tutorial.

How to Use the Snapchat Snap Map

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Step 1. Access the Snapchat conversation tab and select an individual or group conversation;

Access an individual or group conversation in Snapchat

Step 2. Locate a message you want to delete and hold it until you see a pop-up balloon. Touch the "Delete" option;

Hold a message to delete

Step 3. Snapchat warns that removal does not guarantee that friends have not viewed the message. This is because the function can be applied to any message, even if it is old. However, this does not prevent the contact from seeing whether you are offline or using an outdated version of the application.

To finish, touch "Delete chat message". The conversation history will display a warning that the content has been removed.

Chat history shows when message has been deleted

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