Snapchat: See how to use filters to challenge friends on Lens Challenges

Snapchat has launched Lens Challenges, a feature that lets you take on challenges with in-app friends. The feature provides special lenses that require user-specific actions, such as dubbing songs, simulating effects in which people disappear, and filters that create interactive activities. You can create and share challenges with one or more friends to find out who wins the tournament online.

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All lenses bring funny, interactive situations and in some cases require gestures in front of the camera, as in the Baby Shark challenge. The new lenses are available in the Discover section. To learn how to access and use the new Snapchat challenge lenses on iPhone (iOS) and Android phones, follow the tutorial below.

Tutorial shows how to access and use the Snapchat challenge lenses

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Step 1. Open the app's Snapchat and touch your face to activate the lens feature. Then touch the smile icon in the lower right corner of the screen to see the challenges;

Action to access the list of lenses with Snapchat challenges

Step 2. Navigate the challenge lenses and touch one of them. In the next screen, touch the button "Enter the challenge";

Action to start a Snapchat challenge lens

Step 3. In the challenge we have chosen, the proposal is to find out who is best about the song Jingles Bells, played by singer Gwen Stefani. To end the challenge, press the circle button with the singer's face. Then touch the arrow in the lower right corner of the screen;

Active Challenge Lens on Snapchat Camera

Step 4. Select the friends you want to challenge and tap the arrow in the lower right corner to send the invitation.

Action to invite friends to a lens challenge at Snapchat

Use the lenses to have fun and challenge with your Snapchat friends.

Via CNET and The Verge

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