Spending less time on social networks with AutoControle

The AutoControl for Google Chrome extension can help you spend less time on social networks. It tells you the time you spent on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube and more, allowing you more control over your schedules. The plugin also allows you to block websites that exceed a maximum access time, preventing you from compromising your productivity or exceeding a healthy limit of Internet use.

According to psychiatric studies, there is a syndrome called FoMO ("Fear of Missing Out"), which may explain addiction on sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Because of the fear of losing something in the online environment, the user starts to feel the need to always update social networks to stay aware of what others are doing.

The syndrome, first described in 2000, can range from distress and moodiness to depression. According to experts, fear is mostly identified in young people and adults up to 34 years, but can affect people of any age.

Check out the tutorial below how to install and use the AutoControl extension in Google Chrome and avoid social networking addiction.

Using the QualityTime app to find out the time spent on the phone

Addicted to social networks? Chrome AutoControl Plugin helps organize your schedules

Step 1. Go to the AutoControl extension page and in the Chrome Web Store click "+ use in Chrome" to download the plugin. Confirm the download by selecting the "Add extension" option;

Install the AutoControl extension in Google Chrome by the Chrome Web Store

Step 2. After installation, an AutoControl icon will appear next to the Chrome address bar, displaying the time the page stays open in the browser. Each open flap will display a different time, corresponding to its respective time of use. Click the AutoControl button to see the options;

AutoControl extension allows you to block Google Chrome pages after overuse

Step 3. To block a social network or set a maximum time to use it, click on the icon of the network whose access you want to configure;

Block access to a social network with the AutoControl extension

Step 4. You can choose whether you want to restrict access on specific days and times or if the page will be blocked after it has exceeded a maximum usage time limit;

AutoControl allows you to block social networks in two ways: by time interval or by usage time

Step 5. To lock the page for a certain period, select the desired days and times. It is possible to block any site by entering the address in the field indicated in the figure below. Click the green button to confirm the action;

Select the days and times you want to block access to the social network and confirm the action

Step 6. In order for the page to be blocked after it has exceeded a maximum usage time limit, choose the specific time and days of the week. Again, click the green button to confirm the settings;

Determine the site to be blocked and your allowed access time

When you try to access the page, a blocking message will appear on the screen. The browser will not allow user access.

Page blocked by the AutoControl extension

To unlock a page and free access to it, you must go to the page lock section of AutoControl and click the "X" button next to the site you want to free.

Unlocking restricted pages by the AutoControl extension

With AutoControl installed, you can view and control your times on social networks.

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