Spotify on Android: how to clear the app cache without deleting your music

Clearing Spotify's music cache has always been a good way to free up space on Android. This is because, as the user listens to their playlists, even without downloading any music, the application accumulates temporary files - which after a certain amount of time take up much of the available storage.

But until recently, those who used this method were forced to delete all other data in the application, including songs already downloaded. In its last update, however, Spotify changed this rule and it is already possible to delete the temporary files without losing the downloads. Learn how to do it in the following tutorial.

Four Spotify Functions You Need to Know

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Step 1. Open Spotify on your smartphone and go to the "Your Library" tab.


Step 2. Touch the gear icon in the upper right corner to open Settings. Then locate the "Storage" section.

A graph shows how much space is being taken up by cache and downloads

Step 3. Touch the "Clear cache" option and confirm your intention on the next screen. Please remember that downloaded songs and other application data will not be deleted.

Clear cache does not delete downloads

Ready! Once you've confirmed clearing the cache, temporary files are immediately deleted, and your smartphone storage will have more free space.

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