Squoosh: Chrome's new tool lets you edit photos within the browser

Squoosh is an online app created by the Google Chrome team that allows you to edit photos from your computer without having to leave your browser. The tool offers features for compressing the original file and other options, such as image resizing, color reduction, and fast adjustment of file quality.

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When accessing the service, simply drag an image into the browser and monitor the changes in real time. The preview mode shows how the photo will look after the end of the edits. In addition, the tool allows you to perform two compacts at one time. Check out the following tutorial on how to use Squoosh.

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Step 1. Access Squoosh and drag a saved image on the computer into the interface. You can also choose the image by accessing the file explorer of the PC by clicking on "Select an image";

Action to upload an image to Squoosh for Chrome

Step 2. On the left side of the screen, click "Original Image" and choose a new type of extension for the image you want to compress;

Action to choose a new file type to convert images to the Squoosh service for Chrome

Step 3. Click the "Resize" option to view options to change the image size;

Action to choose options to change the dimensions of an image with the Squoosh service for Chrome

Step 4. Set the Width and Height of the image. The screen also allows you to set whether the aspect ratio of the original file will be maintained. At the bottom of the window, set the image quality by moving the blue pointer to the left (less quality) or to the right (more quality);

Action to resize images with the Squoosh service for Chrome

Step 5. The tool allows you to perform another compression setup for the file on the right side of the screen. In both editing screens, click the blue button in the lower corner to download the modified image to the computer.

Action to download an image with changed resolution using the Squoosh service for Chrome

Use the hint to make quick edits to downsize an image file using Chrome.

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