Stamina mode: how to save battery power on Sony smartphones

Stamina Mode is the main feature of the Sony Xperia smartphone line, such as the Xperia XZ1 and Xperia XZ2, dedicated to battery saving. As with other devices, the function allows you to restrict the performance of your phone, as well as some of its features, to reduce power consumption and gain extra time until the next recharge.

In addition to allowing the user to choose between three different low-power modes, the feature can be configured to take action whenever the battery reaches a certain level. In the following tutorial, see how to use Stamina Mode on compatible Xperia smartphones.

Stamina mode promises to save battery power on Xperia devices; see how to activate

How the cell phone power save mode works

Step 1. On your smartphone, access the settings, and then select "Battery".

Access the battery settings in your smartphone settings

Step 2. Within the battery settings, select the "Stamina Mode" option.

Stamina Mode can be found without difficulty

Step 3. Activate Stamina Mode on the switch located on the right. You can learn more about how the feature works in the "Learn More" option.

Activate Stamina Mode and proceed to set it up.

Step 4. After enabling Stamina Mode, below you can keep it "Always On" or set the feature to work only after the battery reaches a certain level. To customize this value, touch the gear icon on the right.

Tap the gear to the right to customize the automatic start of the feature

Step 5. Still on this screen, the "Stamina Level" option displays the different low power modes available to the user. When you select it, check out how each mode restricts your phone's use, then choose the one of your choice.

Your smartphone will indicate which features will be limited at each level of savings

Step 6. After completing the previous step, return to the Stamina Mode settings and select the "Smart Stamina Notification" option. You can enable this feature if you want the smartphone to notify you if the battery runs out before the estimated time for the next charge.

Finally, you can still enable Smart Stamina Notification

Ready! After completing the above changes, just exit the settings. The extra autonomy added to the battery, as well as the restriction of certain functions, should vary according to the selected Stamina Level.

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