State of Decay 2: See tips to get the game right

State of Decay 2 is the exclusive survival game from Microsoft, released for Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. Following the logic of its predecessor, State of Decay, the goal continues to endure in a post-apocalyptic world, full of zombies and hazards. The player's decisions affect the future of his community.

Are you now starting your journey through the title? Check out our tips to start well and make beautiful in State of Decay 2.

State of Decay 2: How to buy, download and install the game for Xbox One and PC

State of Decay 2: Check out tips to go well in the game

Choose the right characters

State of Decay has four pairs of characters, which can be chosen at the beginning of each campaign. In addition to the different look and charisma, the survivors also have specific abilities. When starting your first campaign, be sure to note which of the pairs has abilities that fit your style of play. These attributes can be improved and make your life easier.

Choose characters that match your style of play in State of Decay 2

Be silent

Running throwing and dropping items without worrying about enemies is not an option in State of Decay 2. In the game, it's important to make as little noise as possible to avoid unnecessary encounters and duels against zombies. Be careful when shooting or even while doing quick searches on items boxes, or you may end up surrounded.

Do not make much noise in State of Decay 2

Beware of making decisions

During the story, it is necessary to make some difficult decisions, which completely change the direction of the characters. Pay attention to dialogues with your partner and other survivors and try to absorb information before making your decision, since you can not go back after that.

Exercise caution in your decisions in State of Decay 2

Finish zombies on the floor

Zombies can crawl on the ground to you after being knocked over, or even found in this state during your exploration. In that case, enjoy and finalize them quickly by holding down RT and pressing the hit button. This is the most efficient way to end the threat without drawing too much attention.

Finish zombies that are on the floor in State of Decay 2

Save Your Bullets

Ammunition is a scarce resource in State of Decay 2, and should be used with extreme parsimony. Save your shots for critical moments, where you must face very strong enemies, or at long range. By shooting less, you'll also attract less unwanted attention from zombies.

Save your ammo on State of Decay 2

Manage your space well for items

The bags of the characters of State of Decay 2 have very limited space to store items, which should be used with intelligence. Carry only what you will need on your adventures, such as weapons and medicine, and leave heavier items stored in the chests of your base. So you always have space to collect items without having to discard anything.

Manage your space well in State of Decay 2

Become an expert

As you fight, race or build, the protagonist develops. After a while, you'll be able to unlock new skills that will help a lot during the State of Decay 2 campaign. Keep an eye on the best options to make your survivor stronger and more useful to the group.

Unlock new skills in State of Decay 2

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