Subnautica: see tips for playing the game of aquatic exploration

Subnautica is an adventure and exploration game for PC and Xbox One, where alien creatures and technologies inhabit the seabed. In the game, the player literally plunges into the depths of the unknown, in a world filled with corals, features and mysteries. Check out tips and see how to take the first steps in this survival game.

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The basics for surviving

Subnautica is a game focused on survival. That is, it is understood that the main objective is the exploitation, hunting and collection of resources. However, there is more to be discovered than attacking, as well as mysteries that make the alien part of Subnautica really interesting.

Check out tips for playing Subnautica

Progress is measured by discovered (blueprints) technologies. They are scattered in the sea, in wrecks, coral or near unknown creatures - and sometimes very aggressive. Using advanced equipment it is possible to explore larger depths, biomes with high temperatures and waters poisoned by radiation.

Vital functions

Subnautica is no different from other survival games. On the side of the screen, we have the basic functions of the character - life, oxygen, hunger and thirst - that should be maintained at any cost. Life is recovered with the First Aid Kit . The item can be manufactured or picked up for free at the Medical Kit Fabricator station every 30 minutes.

Controlling thirst, hunger and oxygen level is essential in Subnautica

Hunger and thirst are filled with food and liquids of animal origin. You do not need a special item, like a net to catch them. Just get close to the fish and click to catch it. Oxygen is the most important, as well as keeping you alive underwater, it also measures the distance you can explore. That is, the greater the amount of oxygen, the longer you can stay in the sea.

Biomes (biomes)

Subnautica has several biomes (biomes). Each region has its own fauna and flora that differs from the others, in addition to the unique and necessary resources for its journey. The place where you start the game is called Safe Shallows, a relatively safe region with passive animals, great for looking for food and raw material.

Subnautica has multiple biomes with distinct features and creatures

Sea bottom navigation can be a bit confusing, especially in the beginning. While you do not have vehicles, use Aurora's location to the east to guide yourself on the map. Later in the game, you can create an item called Beacon that is used to mark specific points on the seabed.

Technologies (blueprints)

Technologies are a fundamental part of the progress and history of Subnautica. Your role as a survivor is to search for any resources that will enable you to live and eventually escape the place. In the beginning, you'll start with some recipes ( blueprints ) for making basic items such as oxygen tank and scanner.

Discover blueprints to unlock new technologies in Subnautica

As said before, throughout the journey you'll find improved technologies, including upgrades needed to explore complex, hard-to-access biomes. The key to moving forward is understanding the order of assembly of the items. One item will need another to create.

The first steps

When ejected from the Aurora craft, extinguish the fire at Lifepod and interact with the panels. Open the storage container, store the fire extinguisher and get a Flare and a water bottle ( Filtered water ). You can save the nutrient blocks for later. Also take a First Aid Kit on the Medic Kit Fabricator, a panel next to the storage container.

All items, including the tools, are created in the Fabricator .

Use the Fabricator to turn Bladderfish into water.

Then exit the Lifepod by the hatch on the floor or stairway to the top. Before beginning the exploration, get some food and water. It is practical to have a reserve of food and liquids for any eventuality. However, do not make a large stock because food has a shelf life - and you will need space in the inventory.

Then, break Limestones to collect Titanium and Copper Ore

Capture Pepper and Bladderfish . The first will serve as food and the second will become water. You'll probably find some rocks by the way called Limestone . Break them to collect Titanium and Copper Ore, material to make the Scanner, Oxygen Tank and Fins, three very important items for the beginning of the game.


  • Filtered water: 1x Bladderfish
  • Cooked Pepper: 1x Pepper

Standard O₂ Tank, Scanner and Fins

The first item to be manufactured is the Oxygen Tank ( Standard O₂ Tank ). This way you will stay underwater for longer. Use the Titanium found in the Limestones or look for Metal Salvage, loose pieces of metal that can be refined into raw material in the Fabricator. They provide three Titanium at a time.

The Scanner is one of the most important tools of Subnautica

The second most important tool is the Scanner . With this object you will register the blueprints and will catalog the extraterrestrial marine life.

The item's prescription asks for Titanium and a battery. Take two Acid Mushrooms - lilac colored mushrooms found near Lifepod - and a Copper Ore to create it in the Fabricator. Then use it together with the other material to mount the Scanner. Put it in the bottom bar of shortcuts.

The High Capacity O₂ Tank has room to store more oxygen

Finally, mount the fins ( Fins ) on the Fabricator to increase your speed at sea by 15%. Upgrades are also welcome. As soon as you explore the caves, collect Quatz to turn it into Glass ( Glass ). Make a second oxygen tank and use the material to make the High Capacity O₂ Tank, a larger capacity tank.


  • Scanner: 1x Battery, 1x Titanium
  • Standard O₂ Tank: 3x Titanium
  • Fins: 2x Silicone Rubber
  • High Capacity O 2 Tank: 1x Standard O 2 Tank, 2x Glass, 1x Titanium

Survival Knife and Repair Tool

Now that you already have the Scanner and you can explore it more calmly, it's a good idea to have a way to defend yourself and to fix the stages inside your Lifepod. Despite being a white weapon, the Survival Knife is not exactly an attack item, but a defense item. It can be used to scare animals and also to cut materials.

The Survival Knife is made of Titanium and Silicone Rubber, an item derived from Creepvine Seed Cluster, a species of fluorescent seed that grows in algae. You will find them in Kelp Forest, a biome filled with long algae, not far from your LifePod. The place is easily accessible, but it counts on the presence of Stalkers, an aggressive fish. If one of them comes to attack you, use the knife to scare the animal and run away.

The Survival Knife is another essential item to defend and collect resources in Subnautica

The next object in the list is the Repair Tool . You will need Titanium, Silicone Rubber and a new material, the Sulfur Cave - a sulfur-based powder found in red flowers, called Sulfur Plants . Take extra care when collecting this material because Crashfishs reside inside the plants where there is Cave Sulfur. They are aggressive fish that swim towards you and explode, causing a lot of damage.


  • Survival Knife: 1x Silicone Rubber, 1 Titanium
  • Repair Tool: 1x Silicone Rubber, 1x Sulfur Cave, 1x Titanium

Seaglide, Vehicle Bay and Seamoth

With everything fixed and a small stock of essential materials and tools, it is time to optimize the exploration process. While some biomes are peaceful, others possess threatening creatures and unfavorable climates for human survival. To reach these locations, you'll need more speed, lighting, and protection.

The blueprints of the Seamoth are spread in an area called Wrecks, near the ship Aurora

The first step is to get speed, which will help you in finding the next blueprints of this tutorial. Find the three fragments of Seaglide in Kelp Forest and Safe Shallows. The item is a small propulsion vehicle, with a radar and a flashlight (direct button of the mouse). It is battery powered, so make a reservation and leave it in the inventory.

Seaglide materials are derived from simpler ones. The Lubrificant is made from Creepvine Seed Cluster, the Copper Wire from Copper Ore.

Then go to a region called Grassy Plateaus, near Kelp Forest. You will know you are in the right place when you find reddish vegetation. At that location, use the Scanner to pick up the Blueprints from Vehicle Bay and Seamoth, between the plants and the wreckage of Aurora.

The Seamoth is a very handy little submarine to explore in Submautica

The Vehicle Bay is a floating station that manufactures vehicles and the Seamoth a small submarine. The two need Power Cell, an electronic created from two batteries and a Silicone Rubber. Revenues also call for Titanium Ingot, a condensed bar made up of Titanium.

To get the last material on the list, the Lead, break sandstones called Sandstone Outcrop . You will find them in Kelp Forest, in Grassy Plateaus, and rarely in some Safe Shallows caves.


  • Seaglide: 1x Battery, 1x Lubrificant, 1x Copper Wire, 1x Titanium
  • Vehicle Bay: 1x Titanium Ingot, 1x Lubrificant, 1x Power Cell
  • Seamoth: 1x Titanium Ingot, 1x Power Cell, 2x Glass, 1x Lubrificant, 1x Lead

Avoid unnecessary struggles

In Subnautica, you can get food without hunting. That is, it is not necessary to kill the creatures to survive - only in case of defense. Avoid unnecessary confrontation with the sea creatures. It is an effort in vain and probably will not make a profit. And be careful, animals are sensitive to stimuli, like sounds and lights.

Aggressive creatures should be avoided at all costs

When finding in a new area, make sure that the Seamoth lights will not disturb the peace, check your shields, refueling, especially the temperature outside. Whether the environment is hostile or not, everything in Subnautica is meant for the player to think. And look for a force to use the situation in your favor.

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