Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to release characters faster

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came to Nintendo Switch, the current Nintendo console, and brought with it more than 70 characters. However, only eight are available to anyone who starts the game from scratch and has to unlock 63 of them throughout the games. Theoretically, the characters can only be unlocked every ten minutes, but there is a way to do it faster. Check out the following step-by-step:

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First, it must be made clear that there is no official Nintendo instruction on the release of new characters. They appear as the player takes advantage of the game, but fans have discovered possible ways to streamline the process.

How to Unlock Faster Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Before following the steps below you must play a game with a 20-minute duration. This can be done by starting in the World of Light campaign or even in a simple Smash fight set to last this time.

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Step 1. Open Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on your Nintendo Switch;

Start the game on the Nintendo Switch

Step 2. In the initial menu, start the "Smash" mode;

Select the 'Smash' mode

Step 3. Choose "Create Rule Set" to create a new rule format;

Create custom rules to make the process easier

Step 4. Set the "Stamina" to 10;

Make characters' lives lower

Step 5. Hold the "Stock" at 1;

Limit the start to just one life

Step 6. Press + to save and name whatever you want;

Save settings

Step 7. Begin a normal fight in this mode you just created, choose any character you want, in any scenario, against the computer or an opposing player;

Face the computer or any opponent

Step 8. Preferably win the fight - a blow should suffice;

Win the fight against the opponent

Step 9. An unpublished character will appear after the end of the fight, fight against it and win to conquer it.

Beat the unlockable character to release him

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate only lets a new character appear every 10 minutes. However, this time is reset if you exit the game, return to the Switch's home menu, enter the game again and fight in the same "Stamina 1" format.

Reboot the process until you release all the characters

In this way, the secret characters will be unlocked more quickly. But beware: this method, while fast and proven to be effective, is not 100% guaranteed. Still, if the secret characters stop appearing, try to play World of Light mode so they can be unlocked there, even more time consuming, and come back after some time to Smash mode.