TACO Mira: learn how to configure the player's crosshair in CS: GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive allows you to change the settings of various functions, such as the aim. The game lets you adjust the crosshair with different sizes, colors, opacity, and other options. In the following tutorial, he teaches you how to use the same Epitacio "TACO" crosshair from Melo, a former member of SK Gaming and current Team Liquid player. The adjustment influences the visibility of enemies or greater prominence and contrast with the environment, for example.

Taco discusses relationship with SK Gaming players and phase in Team Liquid

Use TACO sighting settings with the following step-by-step

Step 1. Access the "Game Settings" under "Options", which is in the upper right corner of the main menu;

Enter game settings

Step 2. Mark as "yes" the "enable Developer Console (')" option. This will allow you to use the console for the crosshair configuration;

The console allows you to configure the sight through commands

Step 3. Press ', which is below the esc, to open the console. In it, enter the commands below, one at a time and enter in each one of them;

Enter the commands in the console

Step 4. Check if the scope has been changed properly. To do this, enter any game mode;

The sight will be set according to TACO preferences

Once this is done, your crosshair will be set to TACO. The video settings slightly interfere with the way the crosshair will be displayed. TACO uses the resolution of 1152x864, 4: 3 aspect ratio stretched. Therefore, if the player uses different resolutions, the sights will differ slightly from the athlete's crosshair.