Telegram: How to view videos without downloading on mobile

Telegram for Android allows you to watch videos you receive in the chat without downloading them to your smartphone library. As of version 4.8, the messenger offers the option of streaming to videos and maintains the media download mode. That way, if you do not want to overload your phone's storage, users can only watch the scenes via chat.

The function, which is not found in rival WhatsApp, is ideal for people who need to manage the storage of the phone, avoiding the download of files that are often unnecessary. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to view videos received in Telegram without downloading them to the cell phone.

Tutorial shows how to view videos received in the Telegram without downloading files to the cell phone

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Step 1. When receiving a video, the Telegram presents two options represented by buttons on the video icon. To view it in streaming mode without downloading it to your phone, tap the play icon and wait for playback to begin.

Action to view a streaming video on the Telegram

Step 2. If you want to download the video to your phone, tap the arrow icon and wait for the download to finish. Once this is done, you can find the file in the media library of your smartphone.

Option to download a video received on the Telegram

Use the tip to avoid downloading too many videos that may consume the internal storage of your smartphone.

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