Telegram Passport is the messenger wallet; learn how to use

The Telegram launched in late July the Passport, a virtual wallet for personal documents in the cloud. The feature stores user information for feeding payment platform registrations, crypto-coin brokers, and other services that require identity verification. Type records solicit scanned documentation, selfie, and other mechanisms to make sure the user is a real person.

With Passport, the procedure can only be performed once on the Telegram to fill out one-touch forms. Here's how to use the feature on your phone. The procedure was performed on a Galaxy S8 running Android 8 Oreo.

Telegram Passport saves documents in the cloud for use in online registrations

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According to the Telegram, data stored in Passport is encrypted and can not be accessed by application developers. The brokerage, payment platform or similar services only have access to the data necessary to complete the registration. The user must unlock the digital wallet with password to view and authorize the sharing of data with third parties. It is possible to save driver's license, identity, face photo, address, email and a lot of other information.

Enabling Passport

Step 1. Make sure Telegram is up to date on Android or iPhone (iOS). Then open the application's side menu and navigate to Settings> Privacy and Security.

Access Telegram's privacy and security menu

Step 2. In the "Bots and Sites" section, select "Telegram Passport". Tap "Create password" to begin setting up the feature.

Start the Telegram Passport setup

Step 3. Set a password, and then write a reminder phrase for the combination.

Set password and reminder

Step 4. When you enter, enter an email address to enable 2-step verification and enable password recovery in case of forgetting. Click the activation link sent to your email to complete the initial Passport configuration.

Enter an email to activate Passport

Filing documents

Step 1. When you activate Passport, you can begin to register documents in the Telegram cloud. Tap "Add a document" and choose the type of record you want to make. The messenger allows you to store a wide variety of personal data, passport, identity, email, bank statement and address. In the example, we'll scan a driver's license.

Register documents in Passport

Step 2. Use the camera to take the front side and reverse side of the document. Use the cutter to adjust the corners and send to save in the Telegram cloud. Repeat the procedure with other documents to power your Passport.

Scan documents and save to Passport

Registering using Passport

Your use of Passport depends on the service where you want to create a registration. For now, only the ePayments online payment platform accepts new account registration using Telegram.

Step 1. When you access the registration screen on a Passport-compatible site, you will see a "Sign Up with Telegram" button. Click to open Passport in the application and see the information requested to fill out the form.

Fill out online registrations with Telegram

Step 2. If your Passport already contains the requested information, simply tap "Use" at the top to fill in the registration automatically. The procedure is valid for requesting documents, photos, e-mail and other personal data. At the end, review the information you want to share and tap "Allow" to grant permission. From there the data will be transferred from the Telegram servers directly to the online service.

Use information saved in Passport to fill in entries

Deleting Passport

At any time, the user can remove all Passport data from the Telegram cloud. Just open the feature on your phone and tap "Delete Passport". All information and files saved in the wallet will be deleted from the Telegram servers and can not be recovered.

Remove Passport data at any time

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