Telegram wins multiple videos and camera photos; see how to use

Telegram now allows you to share multiple photos or videos at once using the camera built into the application. The feature allows you to use the rear or front camera to capture more than one image before editing them all in batch and sending together at one time in the conversation.

Novelty can be useful for streaming media to friends and family, and is not available for WhatsApp. In the following tutorial, see how to use the tool on Android and iPhone (iOS).

Telegram: Share multiple photos or videos at once using the application's built-in camera

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Step 1. Open a Telegram conversation and tap the clip-shaped button to open the media sharing menu. Select the camera option to open the integrated photo tool.

Open the built-in Telegram camera

Step 2. Tap the capture button once to take a picture or press and hold to record a video. Then the Telegram will display the content edit menu. At this time, instead of sending it, touch the "plus" button that appears on the screen.

Open Telegram's multiple photo and video capture

Step 3. The Telegram will allow you to continue capturing in sequence. There is no limit to the amount of multimedia that can be done at once, whether it be photos or videos. When finished, tap the button that displays the amount of captured content to go to the edit menu.

Keep shooting and recording videos in sequence on the Telegram

Step 4. Slide sideways to edit the pictures and videos one by one. Then send it in the conversation. Telegram will group all items in a gallery.

Edit all files and send at once in an individual or group conversation

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