Ten Must Do Tricks for WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has two versions for the computer: the WhatsApp Web, which can be accessed by the browser, and an application for Windows and MacOS. The messenger has several "hidden" tricks and functions to make it easy to use the PC program that many users probably do not know about.

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Features such as keyboard shortcuts and quick emoji search can be very useful for those who spend a lot of time in the app. He has put together a list of ten such tips - most of them work both on the web and on the desktop.

Some tips make navigation on the WhatsApp Web simpler

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1. Quick emoji search

Emojis are already an essential part of online chatting. To find them more easily on WhatsApp Web or Desktop, go to the chatting field and place a colon (:) followed by the emoji-related term you want to use.

For example, when you enter ": birthday, " all the options that involve this subject will appear just above, even before the word finishes being written. You can also navigate between them using the arrow keys and select the option with Enter.

Find emojis by typing what you want after a colon

2. View conversation by mouse

Sometimes we receive a message and we want to know what was said, but without letting who sent it know that the message has already been read. Even without disabling the read confirmation, in versions of WhatsApp for computer, this is possible by placing the cursor on the respective chat. Without clicking, the application will display the last message sent, while your caller will not know anything.

When you hover over a conversation, the browser displays the last message

3. Drag files to attach

When you use WhatsApp on your PC, you may be working or studying. In these situations, it is very common to need to change files. Sending one via the messenger can be quite fast and intuitive: just drag it and drop it on top of the conversation with the recipient.

Drag files to attach them to messages

4. Use two accounts

Normally, you can only access one WhatsApp account at a time on the same device. There is, however, a trick to circumvent this limitation on the computer. Open your browser and enter WhatsApp Web. Then open a window in anonymous or incognito browser mode and sign in with another account.

Anonymous mode allows access to second WhatsApp account

5. Convert emoticons to emojis

Both WhatsApp Web and the desktop program have support for emoticons. The user types and the software converts to the respective emoji. For example, when you type ":-D", you will automatically see