Ten Tinder Functions That Few People Know

Tinder is one of the most used dating apps in the world with 20 million matches, according to the company. Despite its popularity, the application hides a number of little-known functions. Some available features may also confuse users of the program. For example, deleting the application from the phone does not delete the account and the profile can still be displayed. Another feature of the platform is the ban on photos of children alone - even the person himself in childhood, there are chances of being excluded by the service. Check out the list below plus ten that you do not know about Tinder.

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What Tinder Works

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1. No need to have Facebook account

When Tinder was released in 2012, it was necessary to have a Facebook account to create a profile in the relationships app. Despite not posting to the social network or making great revelations about the user, some people felt uncomfortable because the integration allows you to view friends and pages of common interest. In addition, those who did not use the social network were unable to use the program and meet new people.

However, after an update, the app has allowed the registration to be done with a valid phone number, through which the interested party receives a confirmation code. Then just email an account recovery account and fill out the data traditionally obtained by Facebook.

2. You can get "invisible"

Function not allowed to be found by other profiles in Tinder

If you no longer want your profile to be viewed by others, it can hide it. Despite avoiding new tanned, the "Show me in Tinder" feature available in the Settings, does not hide the account of those with whom matches have occurred, and still allows to exchange messages with them.

3. Who recommends, friend is

With Tinder, you can help a friend find a pair. If a user finds a profile that does not match his profile, but has everything to do with that of someone he knows, he can easily share through different apps.

You can recommend a Tinder profile to friends

The "Recommend xxxxx to friends" option is located just below the applicant's information. When you click on it, the recommendation options are shown, enabled via WhatsApp, Messenger, among others. The link leads to the web version of the service, ie you do not need the other person to have Tinder installed on your smartphone to view.

4. Integration with other services

One way to increase the odds of getting good combinations is to provide other users with information to help them find common points of interest. In order to facilitate this interaction, the app integrates with Instagram and Spotify. Those who have a social network account can show more of the lifestyle by allowing the display of the last photos posted in the flirting app. The alternative also applies to private accounts. However, if the interested party wants to see more images, they should request permission directly from Instagram.

Feed displays the latest posts from your matches on Tinder

In the music streaming service, the most played artists in the playlist are displayed, in addition to those in common between the profiles. But who does not use Spotify does not have to feel excluded: Tinder allows to include a song that represents it and, thus, increase the chances of pulling a conversation. After combining, each new photo uploaded or change to favorite artists and songs will appear in the feed, a feature launched by the app in late 2017. To enable zooming in with both apps, simply go to the profile edit settings.

5. No match needs to be eternal

Anyone who has ever liked a profile by mistake and had an unwanted combination, certainly wanted to reverse the situation. The same happens with those who, during the conversation, notice little affinity. To undo the match, simply access the conversation with the profile in question, click the "..." icon in the upper right and select the "Unbind" option.

However, if no match needs to be eternal, we can not say the same as an unmatch . When you request to unlink with someone, you can no longer undo the action. Thus, their profiles will not appear to each other anymore, and they will no longer be able to exchange messages. Except in case one of the two deletes the account in Tinder and resets it later.

6. Custom URL

Tinder can also be used through any browser

Tinder users can create a custom URL for their own profiles and share with anyone they want. With the tinder.com/seum domain, the address gives access to the web version of the platform, Tinder Online, available from any browser such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

7. Find out what Tinder knows about you

In the Tinder user guide, program managers say they are committed to protecting people's data and privacy, and are therefore willing to report all data provided by users. To do this, you must make a request through the address //account.gotinder.com/data.

The option is not valid for deleted accounts because, after deletion, the information is discarded in accordance with the privacy policy of the service.

8. It is possible to report incidents that occur offline

Tinder is concerned about users' security even when they are not connected to the app. On the page itself, the service offers a kind of guide on how to book meetings with caution and offline behavior tips, that is, in non-virtual environments. If, however, a meeting with another user does not go well for violation of the terms of use of the application, the incident can be reported and reported by email

The respondent is requested to provide details, in addition to the exact name, age, bio and the photos of the reported profile (preferably, screen prints). Other information that may help is the location, phone number, email and / or link to the Facebook account. "We take the accusations very seriously. The more details you can provide, the faster we can identify and investigate the user in question, "is informed in legal and security terms of the service.

9. Tinder can remove your child's photos

Sharing your photos as a child may violate Tinder's rules. The service does not allow unaccompanied minors and, if someone posts something of the sort in their profile, the content can be removed. "This is to protect the children. Their safety is more important than exhibiting their sweetest phase in childhood. We have every right to remove these photos ", informs the service in the Community Rules.

10. Deleting the app does not delete the account

The person who wants to exit Tinder, that is, no longer wants to have the profile viewed by the other users, can not just delete the app from the phone. In this case, the account will remain active and may even receive new tastings and messages for some time.

Do not just delete the app, you need to delete the Tinder account

To avoid problems, it is recommended to delete the account, the last feature of the Settings. To find it, you need to scroll to the end and the "Delete account" option appears after the app logo. Then, it's important to choose "Delete my account" instead of freezing, which appears highlighted. Thus, the user can delete the application without worries.

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What Tinder Works