Test reveals what it would look like if you were of the opposite gender

The "What would it look like if you were from the opposite gender" test has been making a success on Facebook in recent days. The joke, which is on the Kueez site, uses data and profile photo from the social network to create a montage of your face, simulating someone of another sex. The result, then, can be shared with friends, on the timeline.

Check out, step-by-step, how to do the test that shows the user's appearance if he were of another genre. The procedure was performed by the PC, but the tips can also be followed on the Android phone or iPhone (iOS).

How to Use Kueez to Make Fun 'Gender' Opposite Testing

What would your appearance look like if you were of the opposite gender? Get to know the site and test

Step 1. Go to the test page (//www.kueez.com/what-would-you-look-like-as-the-opposite-sex) and click "Sign in with Facebook";

Test Home

Step 2. Then click "Continue as" to allow the site to access data such as your photos, date of birth, and email. If you want to customize what data will be shared, click "Edit this";

Allow the site to access your Facebook data

Step 3. Your profile photos will be displayed. Select the image you want to use. Remember to choose one in which your face is in evidence. If you want, click on "Camera / Photo" to take a new photo (on the cell phone) or send another file;

Choose the photo you want to use

Step 4. Finally, just wait a few seconds. The result will be displayed automatically. You can click "Share on Facebook" to share the photo with your friends. If you prefer, click "Retry" to retake the test.

Result can be shared on Facebook


Online tests like this are often used as bait to capture data that may compromise your privacy. For this reason, it is important to know what exactly the site will have access to and how to revoke the permissions that were granted. In this case, the user must access the Facebook settings and, on the left side of the screen, click on "Applications". Then just locate the "Kueez" app and click on the "x" to the right of the name to remove it.

Removing permissions from Kueez

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