Time converter: how to calculate time zone

Calculating the time zone in different parts of the world is easier with the Calcuworld hour converter. Unlike alternatives that use spindle lists, the site allows you to compare by city, directly converting time from one place to another. You can also set whether the data is in 24-hour format or AM / PM standard, used in the United States and other countries.

The service is free, works directly in the browser and does not require registration and login to start using. In the next step, learn how to calculate the time zone online with Calcuworld.

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Step 1. Access the website (pt.calcuworld.com/conversores/conversor-de-fusos-horarios/) in the Internet browser of the PC. Dial the time format between 24 hours or AM / PM. Then enter the time of the source location;

Select the format and enter the original time

Step 2. In the field next to it, select the source city from the list;

Select the city from the original time

Step 3. Next, choose the city you want to convert the time to;

Select city for conversion

Step 4. At the end, click on "Calculate" to get the result. Keep an eye on time, as Calcuworld does not consider daylight saving time.

Get the time conversion from one city to another

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