Tinder: How to receive email match alert and increase privacy

Tinder has a configuration that can ensure the privacy of users. Available on Tinder on the PC, on the iPhone (iOS), and on Android devices, the notification setting gives the user the option to receive new match alerts via e-mail only. That way, just use our tips to stop receiving notifications that can cause inconvenience at home or at work.

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Before setting up the service, be aware that disabling notifications will take time to start conversations with new matches. So, after setting up, stay tuned to your email so you do not miss any flirting conquered by the service. Learn how to manage Tinder match notifications to receive discreet alerts from new suitors via email only.

What Tinder Works

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By cellphone

Step 1. Open Tinder and touch the avatar icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Then go to "Settings";

Action to access Tinder app settings on mobile

Step 2. Under "Notifications, " go to the "Push" option. At this point, turn off all interaction notifications. Return to the previous screen by touching the "Settings" option in the upper left corner;

Action to disable push alerts in Tiner

Step 3. Now go to "Email" and just keep "New matches" enabled.

Action to enable e-mail notifications in new Tinder matches

By web version of the service

Step 1. Open Tinder from the PC and press your avatar to open the service settings;

Action to access Tinder settings via the web

Step 2. Access the "Push notifications" option;

Way to check Tinder push notification options over the web

Step 3. Turn off all notification options and click the arrow icon in the upper left corner;

Push notification options disabled on Tinder over the web

Step 4. Still in notifications, access the option "E-mail";

Option to view e-mail notification options in Tinder over the web

Step 5. Matenha only activates the option "New Matches".

Action to enable email notifications for new Tinder matches

Use the tip to ensure more privacy when flirting using Tinder web or the mobile app.

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