Tips for doing well in Detroit Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is the new exclusive game for PS4 from Quantic Dreams, the same from Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. In it, you control three androids in a future where machines coexist side by side with humans. Although the game appears to be simple, making the player follow the directions of decisions, there are elements that can help build a satisfying story. Check out our tips:

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Tips for doing well in Detroit Become Human

Browse all scenarios

Unlike other Detroit-based games, Detroit has plenty of scenarios. This opens up a greater range of possibilities for the player to create alternative paths according to new clues obtained.

Detroit: Become Human

So, have the patience to explore each corner in search of elements, characters for dialogue, or even items. Not to mention the collectible magazines scattered throughout the game.

Decisions are not that simple.

Detroit: Become Human has a plot trajectory based entirely on dialogues and their decisions. However, the answers that, theoretically, would be the most conventional, can lead to quite unexpected consequences, or even a different outcome than you would like to take.

Detroit: Become Human

In other words, you have to take some chances to succeed. Taking the dialogue to the defensive can be an alternative to not changing the profile of a character, but not necessarily sure that he will not give himself harm.

Cast the personality of each character

Still on the coadjuvants, each of them has a path in the Diagram that follows a line of personality. Therefore, always strive to follow a line with each of them, regardless of the consequences it will bring.

Detroit: Become Human

For example, if you chose Marcus to be a revolutionary in search of the cause of androids, try to maintain that stance (hard or not) until the end, even if that brings serious consequences, such as disapproval of allies or even losses along the way .

Take a look at the diagram

The Diagram is a Detroit Mechanism: Become Human that shows the player the line with the direction of history that their decisions have taken. It is not only important for those who play the game again and seek to unlock all kinds of way, but also to know if their choices were the best.

Detroit: Become Human

To do this, after completing a mission, see if your line was bigger or shorter in comparison to the others. Always remembering that you can go back to the chapters to find new decisions.

Watch the buttons

The gameplay of Detroit Become Human is not that complex. To move players, the commands follow the basics of most games, using the analog to move around and look around.

Detroit: Become Human

However, in moments of action, you need to focus on the sequence of buttons that appear on the screen to avoid any harm. In case you are having problems with the speed and variety that appears on the screen, in the settings it is possible to decrease the difficulty, causing less buttons to be required in the action scenes.

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