Tips to get it right in Dauntless, RPG game for Windows

Dauntless is a cooperative action RPG available for PC (Windows) that has been winning many fans since it was released in open beta for free. Despite the similarities with Monster Hunter, it has its unique style and has been securing more and more space between the gamer community and the RPG genre lovers.

The game takes place on the Partidas Islands where the rest of mankind lives and must face threats to their survival with the help of the Slayers (hunters / assassins). Here are some tips that can help you get on with the game, and improve your performance in insane battles against the behemoths of the game known as Behemoths.

Dauntless: see requirements, how to install and play the game on PC

Improve weapons and armor

Because it is an RPG style game, a very important tip to be more successful in battles is undoubtedly to improve your weapons and armor to the maximum level before going out to hunt. To improve them, go to the Armory and make sure you have all the ingredients needed to raise your chosen weapon to the maximum level. If you can not get it to the maximum level, you must defeat the Behemoth associated with that weapon several times to acquire the missing item.

Visit the Armory and place the weapons at maximum level

Analyze Behemoth Attack Patterns and Their Weaknesses

Each Behemoth has a different type of attack that characterizes it and makes it unique to others, even though there are very similar attacks between them. A very important tip to ensure more success is to analyze the attack patterns of the creatures in battle. Whether it's rolling to the side, attacking with the tail or flicking, all behemoths have repetitive actions. If you watch closely and carefully, you may notice a period in which the monster becomes more vulnerable to attack and you can defeat it more easily with less chance of being killed and having to start the battle from scratch again.

Nayzaga: Ice attacks are more effective against him and lightning attacks do little damage

On the other hand, it is important to analyze the types of weaknesses and elemental forces of the Behemoths prior to initiating the hunt. If they are not neutral (do not have elemental strengths and weaknesses), they may be weak against fire, ice or lightning strikes, for example. In that case, if you decide to face a Nazaga, for example, use ice-damaged weapons and armor that will improve defenses against electrical attack. The same strategy applies to all Behemoths who possess weaknesses in a particular element of nature.

Manage resources in battle

As in every cooperative game, we never know what types of players will join us on the journey. So unless you're playing with a group of friends and make sure the battle is won, manage your resources and use only the necessary ones in the first few moments. To reclaim life, use the "source" that is close to the Behemoth's appearance and, if possible, only use life potions when you are in danger or when you realize that everyone is low in life and there is no other option.

Use the source and save potions of life to the maximum

A wise strategy to use your resources is to analyze the battle and only spend the potions if you are sure that the battle is worth finishing. The case of being on a hunt where you are looking for a drop of a specific item to finish a weapon or a garment, and realizes that you have already been able to extract this item from Behemoth, is a good example of the ideal situation to use your elixirs and potions. If you did not get the item you need yet, save it for the next opportunity.

Help allies during battle

It is critical to help allies rise if they fall. Remember that the game is a cooperative RPG. Therefore, teamwork is essential to the success of the battle. In addition, the faster you raise your allies, the less chance the battle is in critical condition and the easier it will be to defeat the Behemoth.

Necessary care with the danger indicator in battle

In the upper right corner there is a danger indicator of the battle. Basically, the lower the percentage presented, the better the chances of winning the fight. If the indicator reaches 100%, the screen will have red shadows and you will not be able to raise your allies (unless you defeat Behemoth or he flee the area). In addition, Behemoth will have increased damage while in this situation.

Be very careful with the indicator of pergo in battle

If you spend too much time collecting herbs or getting knocked over often, the indicator will increase gradually. If it takes too long to raise your friends, it will also increase faster. So be quick in battle and efficient at hitting the punches precisely, taking as little damage as possible and lifting your allies as fast as you can. Dangerous actions make the level of danger of the battle rise and increase the chances of failure in the hunt.

Collecting plants and resources

In addition to defeating the Behemoths as quickly as possible, you will need to collect resources (herbs, rocks, and so forth) while searching for the monster. Basically, you need these resources to build potions that will help you in more difficult battles. To create elixir and other potions, visit the Foreman in the main Ramsgate area.

Visit the contrameste and produce elixir and other potions

It is important to balance the time and amount of resources you will collect. Otherwise, this may disrupt the progress of the battle. Also, it is good to mention that if you and your friends are knocked down and have no way to get up, the battle is over and whatever you have collected is lost. Collect what you need and keep an eye on the danger meter.

Daily and weekly missions

To evolve in the game it is essential to complete the daily and weekly missions. However, it can be difficult to complete all missions in the first few weeks of play. Do not give up and complete as many as you can. This way, you will gain more experience and can improve your Slayer level as well as the Alchemist level. The latter will allow you to build better potions and elixirs, thus facilitating success in the most difficult battles.

Keep up with the daily and weekly missions to evolve in the game

Use cells in weapons and equipment

Each time you perform daily and weekly missions, you gain experience and level up. Generally, after completing certain missions and leveling up, you can collect a core in the "Core Grinder". After opening it, it will be possible to collect cells that can be used in weapons and also in armor to improve their status.

The Core Grinder is useful for collecting cells and improving weapons and equipment.

After collecting these cells, access your arsenal, select the weapon or equipment you want to upgrade and use the "INFUNDIR" option. Then select the cell you want to infuse into the weapon, or determining armor item, according to the status you want to add to it. It is important to use the cells with caution as they are more difficult items to acquire in the game.

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