Toon Blast: How to play the jigsaw puzzle game

Toon Blast is a simple and fun jigsaw puzzle game for Android and iPhone (iOS), in which the objective is to blow up colored blocks, combining colors and special powers. The game is available for free download on Google Play and App Store and follows the great success style of smartphones, such as Candy Crush. Still can not play? Check out the guide:

Candy Crush Saga

Toon Blast

Step 1. The purpose of Toon Blast is to combine blocks of the same color into horizontal or vertical lines. To do this click on two or more cubes of the same color. The space will explode, releasing more pieces;

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Combine colors to blow up the pieces in Toon Blast

Step 2. Each phase has a goal and a limited number of moves. To pass the stage you must meet the goal that appears at the top of the screen without exceeding the number of moves;

Check out the goals and moves available at the top of the screen

Step 3. As the difficulty increases, Toon Blast offers special powers to create combos that detonate the pieces more easily. Click cubes with the rocket icon (see photo below) to destroy all blocks in a vertical or horizontal line;

Use special powers, such as rockets, to make combos in Toon Blast

Step 4. The blocks with the bomb icon destroy the cubes of a specific area, while the light disk "pulls" and detonates all the pieces of the same color. The hammer, boxing glove and other items are also features that you can unlock to use in matches.

Another option is to combine special powers (same or different) to get more explosive combos. Use two bombs to burst double space or two light globes to destroy all at once;

Step 5. The fewer moves and more combos, the higher your score. Are the movements over? Use the coins to buy extra shifts. At the end of the stage, you will be rewarded with stars and coins. Stars are used to open chests that give money and items.

Open the chests to earn items and use the coins to buy extra moves in Toon Blast

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