Traffic Control on the D-Link Router: How to Limit Wi-Fi Speed

Consumers who have purchased a D-Link router can limit the speed of the Internet to avoid overloading the network. Traffic Control Call, the tool on the brand's devices allows you to determine a minimum and maximum download and upload speed for each desktop, notebook and cell phone connected to the router, either via cable or wireless network.

The feature promises to distribute the Internet more optimally, giving priority to devices that need more bandwidth and reducing the speed of those who do not need it. Check out the tutorial below on how to use and configure traffic control on the D-Link router.

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Here's how to limit the speed of the internet on the D-Link router with Traffic Control

Step 1. To activate and configure the function, you must access the administration panel of the router. To do this, open the Internet browser and type in the search bar the following IP: If this address does not work, watch this tutorial or watch the video below to find out the IP of your D-Link device;

Learn how to find the IP address of the router

Step 2. Log in to the router's configuration interface. By default the user is "Admin" (without quotation marks) and the password you should leave blank;

Enter the data to log in to the D-Link router administration panel

Step 3. In the "Status" section, click on the side menu "Table of active clients";

of active customers "

Step 4. A list of all the devices connected to the router will be displayed. Locate the device you intend to limit the speed of the Internet and note its IP address;

Write down the IP address of the device whose internet speed will be limited

Step 5. Go to the "Advanced" section and then click on the "Traffic control" menu;

of traffic "

Step 6. Now you need to type in the "Total bandwidth" field the upload and download speed provided by your Internet service provider. It is worth mentioning that 1 Mb / s is equivalent to 1000 Kb / s. Once this is done, click "Apply" to register the information;

Enter the speed of uploading and downloading your Internet

Step 7. Then click the "Add" button;

Click the button in the image

Step 8. In the "IP Origin" field, enter the IP that you noted in the fourth step. Then enter the minimum and maximum upload speed (first line) and minimum and maximum download speed (second line) that the device is entitled to. Do not forget to click "Add" and repeat the process for each device on the network;

Limit the Internet speed of one or more devices

Step 9. Finally, click the "Apply" button again and restart the router so that the traffic control takes effect;

Ready! With these tips, you already know how to limit the speed of the Internet for a particular device or for everyone connected to the D-Link router.

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