Tumblr Video Downloader: how to download Tumblr video without installing anything

Downloading Tumblr videos without having to install anything on the PC is possible with the help of a very simple and easy to use website. Basically, all you have to do is copy the URL from the post and paste it into the tool. The site then generates the file download link, which can be saved to the computer in MP4 format compatible with most video players.

Check out the next step, how to download photos and videos from Tumblr without installing any applications or extensions in your browser. The procedure was done in Chrome for macOS, but the tips are also good for users of Windows PCs and other browsers.

How to Create a Photo Tumblr Only

Learn how to download Tumblr videos without installing anything on your PC

Step 1. Open the publication of the video you want to download. To do this, click on the "..." button in the lower bar and then on "Permalink";

Access the video post

Step 2. Now copy the link from the post in the address bar of your browser;

Copy the link from the post on Tumblr

Step 3. Go to Tumblr Video Downloader (fordownloader.com/tumblr-video-downloader), and paste the URL of the post in the central field. Then press the blue button that reads "Download Video";

Paste the video URL on the site

Step 4. Next, select "Get Video Download Link", just below the thumbnail of the video you want to download;

Click on the download link of the video on Tumblr

Step 5. Now select "Download Video Now" to open the direct link to the video MP4 file;

Tumblr video downloading

Step 6. If the video opens in your browser, right click on it and in the context menu go to "Save video as ...".

Saving video on your computer

Ready! Enjoy the tips to download videos from Tumblr without having to install anything on your PC.

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