Twitter: add filters and stickers to your profile photo on your mobile phone

Twitter allows you to add filters and stickers to the platform profile photo. The feature, which is unique to the iPhone app (iOS), is ideal for people who want to stand out on the social network using an image with effects that draw attention to new followers.

The filtering function has color parameters similar to those offered by Instagram. The figurines, common in messenger apps, also feature emojis and stylized phrases. Check out the tutorial below to learn how to customize your Twitter profile photo.

Tutorial shows how to apply filters and sticker on a Twitter profile photo

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Step 1. Open Twitter and tap on your avatar in the upper left corner of the screen. In the next window, go back to the current profile photo.

Action to access options for a Twitter in-app profile

Step 2. Press the "Edit Profile" button. Then touch the camera avatar icon, as shown in the image below.

Action to start changing profile photo in Twitter app

Step 3. With the photos from your phone's library open, select an image to use for your profile. In the next window, position the main point of the image within the circle suggested by the app using the pincer movement with your fingers. To proceed, touch "Apply."

Action to apply a new profile photo before edits in the Twitter app

Step 4. Touch the second slider icon at the bottom of the screen and choose one of the filters offered by the application. To open cards, scroll to the emoji icon.

Action to apply a filter on a photo that will be used in Twitter profile

Step 5. Use as many cards as you want on your image. When you're satisfied, touch "Done" to have the photo applied to your profile.

Action to add cards and change Twitter profile photo by application

Use the tip above whenever you want to draw attention to your profile and get more prominence among your followers on Twitter.

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