Twitter: check app access to protect yourself from intrusion

Twitter users can check account access by mobile. The feature, available on the official iPhone app (iOS) and Android smartphones, is a way to discover hacks by finding logins from other devices or third-party apps. Thus, the user can ensure greater security in the social network.

To check out recent hits and discover possible intrusions in your Twitter profile, check out the next step.

Tutorial shows you how to check for recent hits on your Twitter account using your mobile phone

How to change your Twitter password on your mobile phone

Step 1. Open Twitter and touch your profile picture. Then go to the "Settings and Privacy" option.

Way to access Twitter app settings

Step 2. Tap "Account" and go to "Your Twitter data".

Way to access your user data in the Twitter app

Step 3. Go to "Account" and touch the "Hits" option.

Way to view hits on a Twitter account via mobile

Step 4. Check all recent hits. If you find an entry that is not yours, start the procedure to change your password and block the invasion.

Screen to check access to a Twitter account using mobile

Use the tip whenever you want to gain undue access to your account and thus ensure more security of your conversations and data linked to Twitter.

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