Twitter: How to access Trending Topics by mobile

Twitter Trending Topics are the most talked about topics on the social network around the world. In smartphone apps, the list is located within the search section, and the settings let you select a specific city to see the most important subjects in the region, or view the most interesting themes for the user according to their preferences.

Check out the following tutorial on how to view and configure Twitter Trending Topics for Android and iPhone (iOS). The procedure was performed on an iPhone 7, but step-by-step also works for other smartphones.

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Twitter Trending Topics on mobile show the most talked about terms of the moment

View Trending topics

Step 1. Touch the magnifying glass button in the menu located at the bottom of the screen. The list will be in the "World trends" section, which shows, by default, the most talked about subjects in the world.

Accessing Twitter Trending Topics by Mobile Application

Step 2. To see the complete list, with 20 items, go down the screen and go to "Show more". Tap on a subject to see what people are talking about it.

Full list of Twitter Trending Topics on mobile shows 20 items

Step 3. In the top menu of the screen, you can see the featured tweets, the latest ones, the people involved with the theme and the media.

Accessing a Twitter Trending Topics subject by the smartphone app

Change Location

Step 1. Open the full list of Trending Topics and tap on the gear icon, located in the upper right corner of the screen. Then choose the "Change Location" option.

Twitter Setup allows you to view Trending Topics for cities or countries via mobile

Step 2. Select the desired country or type the name of the city or country in the search field. Tap OK to finish and view the list.

Selecting the specific country or city to view the region's Trending Topics

Custom TTs

Step 1. Also in the gear icon, activate the "Moment Affairs for you" option. Finish by clicking OK. Topics will be displayed according to your location and the people you follow.

Twitter Trending Topics can be customized for each user

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