Twitter releases function to save posts to read later; see how to use

Twitter released on Wednesday (28) a new function that allows you to save tweets to read later on the microblog. The idea is that interesting posts do not get lost in the feed when there is no time to see it on time. Available in the Android and iPhone (iOS) app and in the mobile web version, the feature stores the content in a private, user-only list. The novelty looks like something that already exists on Facebook, but it can not be used in the desktop browser.

The save button is located on the sharing shortcut of a post, next to the direct mail and other apps options.

Twitter: Learn how to save a post and read later

You can save a live video, Tweets with links and images, or add an entire sequence to Saved Items for easy access later. At any time, the user can remove the items from the list.

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How to use on Android

Step 1. Tap the share icon below a tweet in the microblog to open a pop-up of send options. Select "Save tweet".

Save a tweet on Twitter for Android

Step 2. The content is saved to a private list on time. Access your collection in the notification that comes up right after you save an item or in the "Saved Items" side menu.

Access the list of saved items on Twitter for Android

Step 3. Access the tweet in the list. To remove, touch the share icon again and select "Remove tweet from saved items" or delete all tweets from the top "Delete all items" menu.

Remove read items from Twitter saved list for Android

How to use on iPhone

Step 1. Touch the new Twitter sharing button for iOS and select the "Save tweet" option.

Save a tweet on Twitter for iPhone

Step 2. Touch the notification in the footer to open the list of saved tweets, or access the list in the side menu.

Access the list of saved items on Twitter for iPhone

Step 3. After reading saved content, tap the share button again to delete the item from the list, or go to the top menu to clear the collection altogether.

Remove read items from Twitter saved list for iPhone

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